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    2500 pt army Newbie

    Hello, I'm a newbie to the 40k universe, but I've read a lot and managed to put together (what I think) is an okay list. Tell me what you think. Any suggestions and criticism would be a great help.

    == HQ ==
    Hive Tyrant Brood (420 pts.)
    Hive Tyrant (1) - Twin-Linked Devourer - Brainleech Worms, Twin-Linked Devourer - Brainleech Worms, Paroxysm, Leech Essence, Old Adversary = 225 pts.
    Tyrant Guard (3) - Lash Whip = 195 pts.
    Tyranid Prime (1) - Deathspitter, Pair Of Boneswords = 95 pts.

    == Elites ==
    Hive Guard Brood (3) = 150 pts.
    Zoanthrope Brood (2) = 120 pts.
    The Doom Of Malan'tai Brood (130 pts.)
    The Doom Of Malan'tai (1) = 90 pts.
    Mycetic Spore (1) = 40 pts.

    == Troops ==
    Tervigon (1) - Cluster Spines, AG, Toxin Sacs, Onslaught = 195 pts.
    Tervigon (1) - Cluster Spines, AG, Toxin Sacs, Cat = 195 pts.
    Termagant Brood (11) - Fleshborer = 55 pts.
    Termagant Brood (11) - Fleshborer = 55 pts.
    Genestealer Brood (8 ) - Toxin Sacs = 136 pts.
    Tyranid Warrior Brood (110 pts.)
    Tyranid Warrior (2) - Deathspitter, Scything Talons = 70 pts.
    Tyranid Warrior (1) - Barbed Strangler, Scything Talons = 40 pts.

    == Fast Attack ==
    Harpy (1) - Cluster Spines, Twin-Linked Heavy Venom Cannon = 170 pts.

    == Heavy Support ==
    Trygon (1) - Instinctive Behaviour - Feed = 200 pts.
    Trygon (1) - Instinctive Behaviour - Feed = 200 pts.
    Tyrannofex (1) - Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spines, Thorax Swarm - Desicctor Larvae = 265 pts.

    == Total ==
    2496 pts.

    I'm wondering, should I drop the Doom of Malan'tai and make him a Zoanthrope to add to my other unit, or should I keep him? I don't have enough points for a Mycetic Spore for the Zoanthopes if I have the Doom. That would give me about 30 points free as well, though I'm unsure if the Doom is worth it? Also, are larger termagant broods better or is 10/11 enough?


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    Im really struggling to work out what the hell is going on with your list, for future reference dont bother writing out sepecial rules like instinctive behavior, we all know what rules units have, and if its not an upgrade you can leave it off. You also dont need to write down the total cost of a brood, then what its broken down into (IE the doom of malanthi and warrior broods). Not only is this against the forum policy only writing down total points costs of units, but its quiet hard to read. But you wernt to know.

    The list isnt bad, but theres a lot that could be done to improve it.

    Drop one of your tyrant guard from the tyrant and they're fine. Never saw the need for whips myself, but there we go.

    Drop the prime and his warrior unit. Theres not enough of them to make any kind of real impact, they'll just give away kill points.

    Drop doom, get yourself 3 hive guard instead.

    Your Zoanthropes NEED a spore.

    Run both tervigons with catalyst.

    Small termaguant broods do not work in this kind of list. You want 20 at a minimum. 30 is better and far most destructive.

    Lose the toxin sacs from the stealers, give them another 2 members, and a broodlord if you can affoard it.

    The warriors need to go.

    On the basis you shouldnt take lone T-fex's or Harpys, drop the T-fex, upgrade one of the trygons to a prime and then get yourself a second harpy. If you had the heavy slots, id say take 2 t-fexs though.

    Hope that helped.
    Your friendly neighbourhood gargantuan creature

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