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    1500 pt Tau Empire

    A few years back I bought a bunch of beautifully painted Tau but only got to use them a few times before my friends and I stopped playing 40k. Now some of them are getting back into it and I'd like some advice on what to bring to the table against them. Only problem is, I have about 2000 pts worth of models and I'm a lousy painter, so it's hard to add to what I already have. What I'm hoping for is to post a list, run down the models I have that I'm not using, and maybe get a yea or nay on what I'm doing.

    Shas'el - TL Missile Pod, Targeting Array, HW Drone Controller w/ Marker Drone
    Shas'el - AFP, Burst Cannon, Targeting Array, HW Multi-Tracker

    Crisis Suit - Team Leader, Missile Pod, TL Burst Cannon, HW Multi-Tracker
    2 x Crisis Suit - TL Plasma, Targeting Array
    4 x Stealth Suit - 1 is Teal Leader w/ 2 Marker Drones

    6 x Fire Warriors in Devilfish w/ Disruption Pod
    6 x Fire Warriors - 6 Pulse Carbines
    12 x Fire Warriors
    18 x Kroot Carnivores

    8 x Pathfinders - 3 w/ Rail Rifles, 1 is Team Keader w/ Marker Drone, Devilfish w/ Disruption Pod

    Hammerhead - Railgun, Smart Missile System

    The unused units are 4 more Crisis Suits (we're not going to be too picky on WYSIWYG at this point, so any suggested load-outs are cool), 2 Broadsides, the Ion Cannon turret for the Hammerhead, 6 Human w/ 1 Pulse Carbine, 2 more Stealths and an additional Devilfish.

    I expect to face Tyranids and Space Wolves, possibly Eldar, and possibly all three in a big four-way free-for-all. Am I making any really bad decisions here, given my limited options? Thanks in advance.

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    Firstly I would give all your battlesuit teams the same armament so your first crisis team, instead of
    "Crisis Suit - Team Leader, Missile Pod, TL Burst Cannon, HW Multi-Tracker
    2 x Crisis Suit - TL Plasma, Targeting Array"
    Give your leader a plasma rifle instead of the TL burst cannon and give him a targeting array* *Only if you want him to be an HQ choice
    give the other 2 Plasma and missile pod as well, along with a HW multitracker. This is the fireknife build.
    It is one of the most common builds there is but a good one for beginners and it can handle most threats
    easily enough. if you want purely specialised teams then there is the heatwave (TL flamers) it is garunteed
    to bbq hordes, then there's the helios (plasma rifle and fusion blaster) this will destroy heavy infantry and
    tanks alike with ease but it is quite short ranged. I suggest you play a few games and think about what you
    could have used and what you didn't need, then incorporate that into your army.

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