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    Core 1500pt force to (re)start DE army (Advice please!)

    Right - this is intended to be a flexible starting force to tide me over and practise DE tactics until I build up enough varied units to customise more for different opponents

    To business:

    Archon w/ Ghostplate, Agoniser, Phantasm GL, Sh Field 140pts
    4 Incubi inc Klaivex w/ Demiklaive in Venom (2xSC) 210pts

    10 Warriors w/blaster and SC, Vanilla Syrabite in Raider (DL NS FF and Splinter racks) 224pts
    10 Warriors w/blaster and SC, Vanilla Syrabite in Raider (DL NS FF and Splinter racks) 224pts
    10 Warriors w/blaster and SC, Vanilla Syrabite in Raider (DL NS FF and Splinter racks) 224pts
    10 Warriors w/blaster and SC, Vanilla Syrabite in Raider (DL NS FF and Splinter racks) 224pts

    Ravager (3DL NS FF) 125pts
    Ravager (3DL NS FF) 125pts

    Comes to 1496pts

    Hmm - looks pretty bland written out like this, but as I've said; it's meant to be the cornerstone of a future army

    DLs can be interchanged with Dissies as I get the hang of them (I've left them in to start as it appears to be an over arching piece of advice in all DE forums, but I face a lot of MEQ, and am very tempted to build a Triple-dissie 'Kill the Beakie' Rav )

    I think I'm going against common advice by including the SC's in the Warrior squads, and the racks on the Raiders. I'm basically intending on using these squads as mobile splinter-fire platforms - manouvering 2-3 squads to one sector of the board quickly and destroying one or two enemy squads with an overwhelming hail of poisoned shots.

    Advice I've got in the past here has been awesome. I'm hoping for more! Cheers!

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    Let's see what we have here. A very mobile, balanced, and slightly pre-"new edition" list here. Of course without all of the new upgrades, this is the structure for the dominant list that heralded the previous edition. Mind you, this is by no means bad and can still work for your favor, however if I may, I feel that you should really take the time and have a look at just how much cool stuff we have in the codex. Of course, it is really easy to get carried away just putting things here, there and everywhere, and so I like how you are being reserved and controlled with your choices. I understand that this is just a basic premise for your "future army", but it doesn't hurt to improvise either. Just post up another list full of wacky ideas, and all the fellow DE players will give you the advice you are searching for. But as for this list, I will have a look at it more closely.

    Pretty decent. I like the fact that you are incoporating the Phanstasm Grenade Launcher, as he is joining a unit of Incubi, and they of course do not have access to grenades. I do not see any problem with him, although I would suggest, as I am still living in 2nd Edition, that he should invest in some Combat Drugs. In my opinion, they got a strategic and efficiency boost, what with the more condensed options, and their cost being cut by more than half. So, perhaps you might like to consider it? As the Archon and Incubi are your only assaulting unit, I feel that you will need all of the assistance that you can get, no matter how good they can be. This is my only beef with the army. Because you only have one unit that can do some significant damage to infantry, I feel that you will find that all of your Kabalite Warriors will have no choice but to provide covering fire for them, and thus this will distract them from their true purpose of capturing objectives. Your opponent will be focusing on trying to take them down, and they most likely will, as they are a small squad with no ranged support themselves. Once they are destroyed, unfortunately your Warriors will be easy pickings. I will talk about what you can do in a minute. As for this squad, they are great, but I think they could benefit from a Bloodstone.

    I like them, but as I said above, their true purpose of scoring and clearing the battlefield will be overshadowed by the fact that they will have to cover the Archon and the Incubi as long as they are alive. Because there is no consolidating into another combat due to 5th Ed, they will left significantly underhanded without an envelop manouver from your Raiders. Therefore, my solution to this, if you are willing, is to replace one of your Warrior squads with a Wych squad. I don't normally suggest new units to players, as they have there own interpretation about what makes their army, and you may take my advice as you please, but for 230 points, roughly the same as your current squad, you can take a full 10 man Wych squad with whatever special weapon, with a Hexatrix with Agoniser, all on a Raider with Flickerfield. This way, you have another close combat oriented squad, that can take a vast amount of pressure off of your Archon/Incubi, and this allows your remaining Warriors to focus more on their own goals. Just a thought to consider. As for the Warrior squads themselves, I don't think that their Raiders will benefit from the Night Shields, as they need to close with their enemy for their Splinter Weapons to do anything. So I would remove them, which frees up enough points so that you can get another Incubi to add to the squad. Every little bit helps. Other than that, a solid job.

    Can't complain here, not that I was anyway. Very solid, and one of the only units that works just as effectively now as it did in the old dex. Well done.

    So, yeah, experiment a little bit with whatever you think is appealing to you, and whatever you think will work best on the battlefield. Its all in the playtesting. Post a new list, and we will take it from there.

    Good Hunting.
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