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    1500 Tyranid Army - feedback appreciated

    Getting back into 40k after a decent hiatus, want to build a 1500 tyranid army (as well as a chaos army but that's a story for a different forum) and am looking for feedback before I start blowing my cash. Am not looking for the most effective army in the world, just something that will be fun to play and able to take on all comers.


    Hive Tyrant - Stranglethorn Cannon, Twin linked Deathspitters, Hive Commander - 230

    Tyranid Prime - Deathspitter, Rending Claws - 90


    2 x Hive Guard - 100

    2 x Zoanthropes - Myscetic Spore - 160


    12 Termagants - 60

    Tervigon -Cluster Spines, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst - 195

    12 Termagants - 60

    Tervigon -Cluster Spines, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst - 195

    3 Tyranid Warriors - Barbed Strangler, 2 Deathspitters - 110

    Fast Attack

    10 Gargoyles - 60

    Heavy Support

    Trygon Prime - 240

    Basically the idea is to use the Hive Commander ability to outflank with the Tyranid Warriors - but the question I have is can the Tyranid Prime join the Warriors and outflank with them? Otherwise I'll likely drop him for a Tyrant Guard and some more Termagants. Hopefully it's a good blend of swarm, big guys and deep strike to constantly keep my opponent off guard. Keeping units pinned with the Stranglethorn/Barbed Strangler will hopefully give my Zoanthropes a better chance at survival when they drop in too.

    Let me know if there's any glaring errors, I don't mind a few minor weaknesses as they keep life interesting on the battlefield

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    Not bad, shall run though from top to bottom as usual.

    Tyrant - NO!!!! Simply appalling. Stranglethorn cannons are terrible, deathspitters are worse. Especially when youve got devourers available too. Take 2 TL devs if you want anything, though i guess Strangle/dev is worth a try.

    Prime - wants boneswords at least, but good. Also wants adrenal glands.

    Youll want to axe the warriors and the gargoyles though. You need those points. Get yourself more guants, and a tyrant guard. Stick the prime in one of the guant broods instead.
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