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    Tau 1500 Tournament

    Hello Everyone,
    I am playing in my first tournament this weekend and have come up with a list that I am going to play-test and use. I would appreciate your wisdom and opinions on my list


    Shas'el- FB, PR, MT, HWDC, 2 Shield Drones, HW BSF

    Crisis x2 TL MP, Flamer
    Crisis x2 PR, MP, MT
    Crisis x3 TL Flamer, MP

    Fire Warriors x6 (take Pathfinder Df)
    Fire warriors x6, DF, DP
    Kroot x10, 2 hounds (I only own 2 hounds)
    Kroot x10

    Fast Attack:
    Pathfinders x5, DF, DP
    Piranha, DP, TA, FB

    Heavy Support:
    Railhead x2, BC, DP, MT
    Ionhead x1, BC, DP, MT

    Once again thanks for the input

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    List looks good, although I would recommend putting your shas' el with helios bodyguards as 1 guy on his own won't pack much of a punch. If you have 6 plasma shots and 3 melta shots hitting on 2's and 3's you can be pretty sure whatever you're shooting at will either be dead or only need a railgun shot to finish it off. On the subject of railguns you might want to try broadsides. If you give them targeting arrays and plasma that's 3 railguns hitting on 3's twin linked, same with the plasma and if anything deepstrikes to take them out, chances are they lose half there number before they reach rapid fire range and then they will really get toasted! You could drop the kroot and a hammerhead for them. Some people will say don't drop troops, they are vital and in a way they are, but if you play them properly two troops are all you need. With the piranha I'm not sure if just one will be effective enough but I've never used them so can hardly critisize it, otherwise great list

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