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    1850 list assist.

    Playing a tourney in about 3 weeks. So far been playing small point games, and I need some help with what to run as an all around list. I want to run Eldrad in my list. First is what I was going to run. At the bottom is what I have available. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



    Farseer, bike, fortune

    4 Warlocks, bikes, 1 enhance, 1 embolden, 2 destructor


    5 fire dragons
    WS, underslung shurikannon, shurikannons

    5 fire dragons
    WS, underslung shurikannon, shurikannons

    7 harlies, shadowseer, 2 pistols


    5 Dire Avengers
    (in the falcon w/Eldrad)

    6 Dire Avengers
    Wave Serpent, TL Brightlances, underslung shuriken cannon

    5 Rangers


    Falcon, scatterlasers, underslung cannon, holofields, spirit Stones

    2 Warwalkers, scatterlasers

    Warwalker, EML

    points: 1848

    1 Eldrad

    7 warlocks

    2 farseers

    12 fire dragons

    15 DA's (2 exarchs)

    9 jet bikes (3 with shuri. cannon)

    10 banshees with exarch

    6 scorps with exarch

    10 storm guardians

    10 guardians w/ weapon platform (can convert to support wpn)

    8 harlies (shadowseer and death jester)

    9 wraithguard

    1 wraithlord

    5 warp spiders w/ exarch

    5 reapers w/ exarch


    1 autarch (warp pack, fusion gun, chain sword)

    3 serpents (weapons variable)

    1 falcon (weapons variable)

    1 prism

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    I'd say find a way to squeeze Spirit Stones on the Fire Dragon Serpents, and if you cut the EML War Walker, the Rangers and a unit from the Harlies and the squad of 6 Dire Avengers, you can squeeze in another squad of 5 Dire Avengers with a TL Bright Lance Serpent. It may be less firepower, but you'd have more survivable troops, and having 2 lances will give your opponent a harder time of choosing targets. It just really depends on your style of play.

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