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    1000 Point Tournament List

    Here a list i made for a tournament next weekend.


    Hive Tyrant w/bonesword&lashwhip and hvy venom cannon= 195


    Zoanthrope x2 = 120


    20 Termagants w/devourers x20 = 200

    16 Genestealers w/adreanal glands = 224

    3 Warriors w/deathspitters and barbed strangler = 110

    16 Hormagaunts w/toxin sacs= 128

    -Heavy Support-

    Tyrgon w/adrenal glands = 210

    Total:987 points

    So what do you think?

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    Looks okay, but there are a few things that I would change. Drop the two thropes and get two hive guard. They are more effective against transports and you aren't likely to face that much heavy armor at 1000pts. Also, if I were you, I would drop the genestealers or at least reduce the brood number. 16 is a lot in 1000pts, and you're going to find it difficult to screen them with the limited number of gribblies you have. On that note, use any extra points you have to get more hormagaunts or even consider Prime on the Trygon, as you are a little light on synapse. Any enemy worth his salt will realize this and focus str 8+ fire into your Tyrant/Warriors to bring them down quickly and reduce your army effectiveness dramatically. Adding another synapse source will help with this. (Instead of the prime on the trygon you could also drop the stealers, double the number of warriors, and use the remaining points to buy more gaunts). Hope this helps!

    EDIT: Reading back over my post, it seems a little harsh. This list looks pretty solid to me the way it is, it would probably do at LEAST fairly well. The above suggestions are simply what I would do if I were in your place.

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    Ich im afraid theres a fair few problems here.

    Tyrant - Never mix range and CC, never put HVC's on tyrants. 2 TL devourers if you want range, 2 tallons or tallons and lash if you want CC.

    Thropes - swap for hive guard as recogmended.

    Genestealers - lose the arenal glands, thats borderline useless on them, reduce them to 10 men.

    Warriors - need rending really, another body wouldnt hurt.

    Trygon - lose the AG, make him a prime.

    I surgest making the guants a brood of 15, use the points you save to get another warrior. If youve got anything spare, another hive guard couldnt hurt.
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