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    1500 pt. Death From Above

    So this list is the second in a series of tournaments that points increase with each one. The first one was 1250 and it's increased 250 each tournament.*

    HQ (235)
    Hive Tyrant
    - TL Dev
    - HVC
    - Hive Commander

    Elite (375)
    3x Hive Guard
    2x Zoanthrope
    ** *- Spore
    ** *Lictor

    Troops (658 )
    20x Devilgant
    ** * - Spore
    12x Genestealers
    ** * - Broodlord
    ** * - Scything Talons
    4x *Warriors
    ** * - Deathspitters
    ** * - Spore

    Heavy (230 )
    - TL Dev
    - TL Dev
    - Spore

    Total 1498

    Using the tyrant and the Lictor to pinpoint all the spore drops to have the answers, zoans for anti tank, devils for infantry, and fex for armoured characters. The Lictor also has the ability to divert fire as people never know what he's going to do. His hit and run has been amazing in past games harrasing rear armor on vehicles or picking off anyone that dares to get too close to the cover.

    The devilgants have work surprisingly well as the shear number of shots make a lot of squads just disappear.

    Tell me what you think.

    Last edited by Inari82; January 12th, 2011 at 17:55.

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    Always willing to help. Lictors are near useless for reserve rolls as the soonest you can get the +1 reserve is Turn 3. If you take any lictor, the Deathleaper is the only one you should ever take. I love Dakka fexes but, consider this Change: Drop the Fex Get a Harpy w/ HVC and dakka up the Tyrant and save some points or turn him into a flyrant so he is mobile and can deep strike. Maybe split the GS and drop the brood lord. Give the Warriors a VC or BS other than that not bad. Looks Fun :-)
    Last edited by UnderMind; January 18th, 2011 at 07:06.

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