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    Tyranid List (1500pt) (only one Tervigon, no Hive Guard!)

    Recently I got a great deal on some Tyranid models, and have been trying to make a list out of them. So bear in mind that units with a # before them I already own the models for.

    #Tyranid Prime


    Doom of Malantai



    Adrenal Glands
    Toxin Sacs


    #5Deathspitter Warriors

    #9Ripper Swarms
    Toxin Sacs

    #5 Raveners with Rending Claws (these are actually warriors with Rending Claws but I'd rather have Raveners, and they look similar enough)

    So, first wave of Hormagaunts. Behind them are the Raveners, with one of the two given FNP by Catalyst. Behind them are Rippers who give cover to the Warriors. The Prime can go with the Warriors for Alpha Warrior but if needed he can run off to give more Synapse.

    Deathleaper is in there as Psyker defense or to make LD10Commisar Lords LD8. Useful stuff like that. If it comes to it Pheromone Trail may be handy, probably not but if the Pods refuse to come in or come in after him it could be very useful. He might be able to kill small units that are off on their own too as he's pretty nasty on the offense in CC.

    The Zoans should be able to bust a tank. Hopefully Deathleaper will have nullified any Psychic Hoods (even with only a -1 to Ld they go from 58% chance to get through defenses to a 72% chance. If Deathleaper gets a -2 or -3 it goes up to 83% and then 92%!) Because there are 3 perhaps one will survive the counterattack to kill another. And there's always the Warp Blast to annihilate MEQ squad if need be.

    Hopefully the Doom will arrive when there are some vulnerable infantry around, which there should be by Turn 3 or so. As mentioned, Deathleeper should have got psyker defence out of the way.

    For Synapse, there are only the Warriors, Prime, Tervigon and Zoans. However, everything has Feed apart from Termagants so they'll just keep rushing in, and that's fine by me. Deathleeper should pass his IB tests as he's LD10.

    For 1500 points it's probably too light on anti vehicle, but I'd like to hear some criticism. As for other models, I have one more Spore and 2Tyrant Guard (but no Tyrant!!). And 9 more Gants but they will be spawned anyway. I did proxy the Tyrant Guard as Hive Guard one game and was very impressed. But I feel that with no range firepower I need the indirect nature of the pod to get any result on vehicles that sit at 40"+

    How would this list fare against averagely built lists of other races? My main enemies are footslogging wolves, chimera vet/tank/artillery/blob (mixed) Guard, Grey Knights/Vendetta allied Guard and Battlesuit Heavy Tau.

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    It is very light on anti vehicle, but thats easily fixed by the addition of hive guard. Lose the doom to find the points (2 spores with no reserves bonus anyway is a bit... iffy.) Also rippers are the most appaling peice of rubbish, so get rid of them ASAP. Points you save should buy some more termaguants.
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