Okay so i just started playing warhammer, i barely know half the game rules and i just bought the codex so i don't even know the dark eldar units to well. so any help you can give will be much appreciated. I have created an army list in my free time, i looked through the units and the first thing i noticed was that the eldar are pretty weak, but that most of their bs's and ws's are high and that they are pretty good at close combat (i think), so i decided to create an army list which basically is very fast and gets into close combat asap thus mitigating the risk of my army being shot dead by say tau . here's my planned army list (it probably sucks big time).

baron sathonyx (will be leading a squad of hellions) (needed him to make hellions troop choices)
succubus + hydra gauntlets (will be leading a squad of bloodbrides)

9 x hekatrix bloodbrides + 2 hydra gauntlets + 1 shardnet and impaler + haywire grenades ( this is the squad to be led by the succubus) ( the intention was to use this squad to handle infantry that are mostly under troop choices, hence the large number of hydra gauntlets to give them more attacks rather than more damage as most troop choices are weaker)(will be deep striking into battle aboard a raider to make use of their dodge rule)

squad 1: 11 x hellions + 1 upgrade to helliarch who will have a splinter pistol and agoniser ( i chose them as they are fast being jump infantry and their hit and run rule would be good for harrasing stronger units like space marines without taking too much damage)
squad 2: 10 x hellions + 1 upgrade to helliarch who will have a splinter pistol and stunclaw (this is the squad lead by the baron) ( i chose them for the same reason as above, but this unit will engage slightly stronger units like terminators where the stunclaw will allow me to grab and kill them one at a time slowly eating away at their squad)

2 squads of 7 mandrakes each squad with one upgrade to night fiend (these were chosen to quickly engage enemy long range ballistic infantry like broadside teams or any other enemy units that needed to be engaged quickly)
2 squads of 10 reavers each squad with 3 blasters and 3 cluster caltrops ( these were chosen for two roles, troop harrassers and vehicle killers. the intention was to use the bladevanes and caltrops for troop killing and the the blaster for vehicle hunting. In my mind the battle would go something like this : sneak around cover, when an enemy transport, say a rhino or chimera, comes near enough, use blasters to blow it up forcing passengers out ( i think this is how the rules work) then turbo boost 36" across the forced out squad to the next piece of cover thus doing like maximum 20+ s4/s6 hits, hopefully killing most of the squad then kill the rest of with whatever i have left. alternatively, they can be used to quickly engage a tank squad as they are very fast )

1 x raider + flickerfield + shock prow + retrofire jets + chain snares +enhanced aether sails ( this will be used to carry the succubus squad ) (well not much to say about it, the flickerfield is to protect it, retro jets so i can deep strike the squad, enhanced sails to move them around quickly and chain snares to do random damage while traveling ( had 5 points spare too) )

2 x razorwing each with splinter cannon upgrades and flickershields ( this will be my main armour killers. i plan to deep strike into the range of the dark lances to destroy the biggest threats. i'm not sure how missiles work or how to shoot them but i generally intend to use them to drop the numbers of a couple of squads so that my hellions, wyches and reavers will get their pain tokens without too much problems early game. the splinter cannons will be used in the same way.)

well there's my army list along with the ways i'll use them. i know it sucks and relies a lot on the amount of cover available but like i said i'm new so if someone could help me i'll be very grateful