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    *warning, MAY be considered cheesy* 1500 pts ork

    Ok so basically, I would like some advice. I am looking at building an ultimately cheesy ork list that revolves around nob bikers (yes, i know nob bikers aren't that good, and loads of other things in the ork codex would probably make a cheesier 1500 pt list, such as 180 shootas + ghazgul)

    But I wanna win hands down with a nob biker list anw. Remember, I want this list to be the ultimate cheese/ win as many battles as possible in a massacre kind of list.

    So here goes.

    Biker boss with cybork and klaw – 135

    2 x 20 shootas upgraded nob wif pk – 310

    9 x nob bikers all cybork all stikkbombs - 614
    Pk boss pole
    Pk waagh banner
    Big choppa pole
    Big choppa skorcha
    Big choppa
    Normal skorcha

    15 lootas - 225

    13 kommandos excluding snikkrot - 215

    Total 1499
    6kp - 3 troops/scoring units.

    So basically, the ork boss EITHER joins snikrot and ambushes from ANYWHERE on the board (yes, that is allowed. check INAT faq, latest). Or he joins the 9 nob bikers to make a squad of 10 and absorb all the str 8/9 hits.
    The boyz can move forward and attack, or they can bubble wrap lootas whilst capturing objs
    *** I know there are many many flaws with this "cheesy" list, that's why i'm asking for help. lol ***

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    Looks pretty good. Remember that if the warboss is joining the nobz you'll need to buy him a bike. Snikkrot is great, but I'd personally invest in another troop unit. Maybe fill out your 20-strong ladz to 30 and throw on some more gretchens to hold objectives, or rokkit buggies to take on tanks. 3 units of boyz would fill out your troops and form a line more difficult to break. You could also split up the lootas, depending on your fear of kill points, splitting fire to multiple transports etc. is nice as 15 loota shots may be overkill for some targets.

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    Split the loota's up into multiple elite slots. One group of 10, one group of 5. This way you can divide fire better, and have better survivability. You can also do the same with the kommando's, to split up an outflank, or have one group infiltrate, the other outflank with snirot.

    I ran a similar list not too long ago, only I ran less bikers, and 2 groups of 30 shoota boyz, with a weird boy in one of the groups. (I also didn't use kommando's). (vs nid's, SM, and chaos marines) It was pretty effective, except for the nob bikers. They were extremely lack luster, and by turn 3, I only had the warboss and painboy left. FNP is far too easily countered these days, and most of my saves resolved around a single 4+ cover save, then instant death if I failed it. As such, the massive point sink turned out to be a liability.

    We did end up winning the game, but the MVP turned out to be the loota's and weird boy/shoota boyz. They did so much damage as to make the nobz seem almost utterly pointless, other then a unit to be shot at.

    I've since modified that list, and removed the nob bikers. It let me bump up the boyz to a massive 90, with 3 rockkit's in each squad nob/pk/bp, loota's, storm boyz, kommandos, 19 grots...its like 127 models of glorious destruction.

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    I agree with Greggles on the lootas. 2 units of 9-10 will do a lot better than one full unit. Otherwise shooty opponents will just focus all their fire upon them on turn 1, and wipe them out by turn 2. Splitting them into 2 units forces shooty opponents to divide their fire.

    I'd also give a bosspole to both units of shoota boyz. You'd be amazed how often it makes a big difference.

    Finally, the kommandos need 2 burnas in the unit, otherwise you probably won't be able to break large units of infantry, or units with good armor saves.

    For the points for these changes, I'd drop one nob from the unit of nob bikers, and cut a few kommandos out of their unit.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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