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    new year - new army - 2k

    So I wanted a quick and dirty 40k army to break up my playtime with my eldar and ogres.

    Unfortunately, the more fluff I read, the more of a project this became (ie: I could just buy 2 battleforces, speed paint and be done with it).

    So I have a color scheme inspired by viva metallica and an army list planned. However, my biggest worry is actually the lack of troops. As a marine player, tactical squads are the workhorse of the army and I see warriors as the same. But I wanted to make use of what I see as 2 of the best units in the book - destroyers and immortals.

    Lord - orb, vod

    3x10 warriors

    8 immortals

    2x4 destroyers
    10 scarabs - d.fields


    I will have a central phalanx using the scarabs as speed bumps or vehicle hunters, depending on the enemy. Destroyers will occupy one flank and be focusing fire to open transports for the warriors and immortals to open fire on. I have the points for the vod because I can't afford to buy another 2 immortals. Though I would if I could. I see the veil as being a rapid response/late game objective hustle, nothing more.

    This comes to 2K. Some trimming is required for our usual point level of 1750.

    Anyway, thoughts? c&c?

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    I've run similar lists in past tourney and I can attest that it's a great load-out. However, you may want to think about shaving points somewhere to pick up another Lord (preferably with a DB and RO) to sit back with the Warriors for added survivability. Nothing will aggravate your opponent more than when they open fire on your Warriors with everything they've got (And they will if they know anything about Necrons! They'll see the 2 Monoliths, know they're point-heavy, and ignore them but try to phase you out as a result), they all get a WBB, then a 2nd shot at WBB if you suck them through a Monolith portal. You'll do great against everything but Daemons, White Scars, or any other fast & assaulty list.

    Oh, and as for shaving points... I hate to say this but maybe try dropping down to 1 group of 5 Destroyers. Good luck!
    Necrons ~4500pts / Orks ~2000pts / Thousand Sons ~750pts


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