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    3000 pt Spearhead vs IG

    Seems that Eldar and IG were meant to fight each other in Spearhead!

    Here's what I'm bringing:

    Seek & Destroy Spearhead (1x /game units may flat-out/turbo-boost and still shoot)
    -Farseer on Jetbike: Spear, Eldricth Storm, Guide, Fortune, RoWit
    -5xWarlocks on Jetbikes: 1x Embolden, 4xDestructor, 5x Spear

    Mechanized Assault Spearhead (units outflank on turn1)
    -Wave Serpent: ShuriCannon, TL ShuriCannon, SS
    Fire Dragon Exarch: Flamer, Tank Hunters
    Fire Dragons x6
    -Wave Serpent: ShuriCannon, TL ShuriCannon, SS
    Fire Dragon Exarch: Flamer, Tank Hunters
    Fire Dragons x6
    -Wave Serpent: ShuriCannon, TL ShuriCannon, SS
    Fire Dragon Exarch: FirePike, Tank Hunters
    Fire Dragons x5

    Tank Hunter Spearhead (All units gain the 'Tank Hunters' Special Rule)
    3x Fire Prism: SS, Holo-Field

    Skystorm Spearhead (Placed in reserves. When they enter, units move up to 36" and must disembark. They can then assault)
    -Wave Serpent: SS, EML
    Autarch: Mandi, Fusion Gun, pwr Wpn
    Scorpion Exarch: Stalker, Claw
    Striking Scorpions x6
    -Wave Serpent: SS, EML
    Scorpion Exarch: Stalker, Biting Blade
    Striking Scorpions x6

    Farseer: Spear, Guide (to guide the War Walkers)

    WarWalkers x3: 2=dual EML, 1=EML/ShuriCannon

    Night Spinner x1: SS, Holo-Field

    I'm a bit worried about him having a Destroyer Spearhead of Basilisks that will pummel my Fire Prisms and Night Spinner before turn 1 (hence the Holo-Fields).
    So turn 1: Mech Assault comes on and dumps the Fire Dragons to pop 3 of his big tanks, while their Wave Serpents chew up some infantry or rear armor of vehicles.

    Tank Hunter Fire Prisms take out what ever they like (probably linking at least 1 shot to get S10 +1 for Armor pen).
    Night Spinner either hits any infantry that are out, or Sentinel Squadrons.

    He will probably do Mech Assault Valkyries, so when my Skystorm Spearhead comes in, it can either attack his units in my back line, or rush up.

    The Seers are intended to speed up and use their Guided Singing Spears to pop a tank and/or Destructors to deal with infantry.

    Of course the guided WarWalkers will dish out 5 EML shots/turn and will make short work of his outflanking skimmers or chimeras.

    Overall, I expect this to be a fast and bloody game!
    Who gets turn 1 will be a big advantage (I hope it's me!)

    Last edited by JMichael; January 27th, 2011 at 23:57.
    At the beginning of turn 1, I spray my opponent's army with the bacon flavored spray. Then I unleash my Boston Terrier Squiggoth who then devours their entire bacon flavored army! There is no defense against her cuteness! All are doomed!

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