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    [1500] Ballanced List

    Destroyer Lord - D-Body, Phase Shifter, Chronometron, GoF, Warscythe

    Lord - Orb

    6 Immortals

    3 * 10 Warriors

    9 Destroyers

    Changes: Looking to include a small squad of scarabs to tie up shooty units and/or act as a charge barrier for the main Phalanx by either dropping:
    1 Immortal
    Phase Shifter if against no power weapons
    1 Destroyer
    or Orblord If no high strength/power weapons for 1 More Destroyer and scarabs.

    Maybe I should do different things here against different armies, but fairly new so i dont know which have power weapons or high strength template guns ect. Suggestions Welcome.

    D-Lord Joining the scarabs turn one to get turboboost cover sav of 2+, Then leaving and trying to eliminate Squads by sweeping advance with Ld 9 or less. With T6 and 3+ save shouldn't take too many wounds and when charging 4 attacks which ignore all saves. With about 2 wounds dealt, Ld falls to 6 and with cronometron I have a better chance of catching the squad when it breaks.
    Scarabs to hold up shooting units, maybe equiped with D-Fields to crash skimmers.
    And the rest of the army advances with the general phalanx tactic.

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    Pretty good list, but here's a few recommendations though. You have 9 destroyers, I'm guessing your running them 3x3? If so you won't be able to add scarabs as your fast attack slots are filled. I have always found 4 to be that magic number when it comes to destroyers. Drop 1 and run them 2x4, then you can add scarabs. But I feel tomb Spyders are better than Scarabs as they provide Ultility to your army and plus they produce scarbs also =P.

    I suggest dropping your 2nd Lord and trying to fit a Monolith into your build. I feel that you ALWAYS need a monolith ASAP. It allows protection to your warriors both by providing LoS issues and the re-roll of WBB. Plus it just looks amazing ^_^.

    The first rule to necrons is to avoid phase out. To do this you have to make sure you can ALWAYS get your WBB rolls. You always have to take at least 2 squads of a Necron type unit. I suggest maybe getting your immortals to 10. I understand thats hard to do in a 1500 point game. So drop the unit to 5 immortals and pair them up with your Lord, Hide them behind your warriors and you should be good.

    A lot of people only run the min of 20 warriors and that is it! Sure you can say it hurts phase out and hurts the ability to control objectives BUT the trick is to reserve your warrior so that they are safe. Then when they come outta reserve you can run for objectives. Another trick is that all you have to worry about is your he objective and use all your scarabs and destroyers with their 36" turbo boosting to contest all other objectives and your good!

    On the other hand you have people who follow the (10 Warriors per 500 pts) rule. It all comes down to preference imo. Ive seen both be successful and terrible. its up to you. There are a few Necron tactic guides in the necron section. I strongly advise you to go read it. It contains extremely priceless information.

    I hope all this information helps you!
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