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    1500 list Buildup to 2.5k tourney w/ Special Characters

    Long time reader, first time poster........
    Hi everyone! aight part of a tournament that starts from 1k to 2.5k. Army can be changed in any way and we can use special Characters. Won the 1k game agaisnt eldar, but now its 1500 i might go up agaisnt guard, orks, and marines. I have never uesd our special characters so i made a list for 1500. I just need opinions on where to improve, add or delete or remove stuff heres the list.

    Tyrant Heavy VC, TL Dev w/ Worms, Paroxyms, Pychis Scream 250
    x2 Zoanthropes 120
    x3 Hive Guards 150
    x17 Termangaunts w/ Fleshborer 85
    x16 Termanguants w/ Fleshborer 80
    x15 Hormagaunts w/ Toxic Sac in Mycetic Spore 160
    x3 Warriors w/ Lashwhip & Bonesword, Rending Claws in Spore 175
    x3 Warriors w/ DeathSpitters, Barbed Strangler
    HEavy Support
    Harpy w/ TL Heavy VC 170
    Trygon 200

    Thats 1500 Exactly.

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    Very weird list, theres queit a bit that needs to be dropped.

    Tryant - Take 2 TL devourers

    Zoanthropes - Need a spore

    Termagaunts - lose them. Useless.

    Hormaguants - take them out of the spore, bump them up to 20. Also add a second brood.

    Warriors - lash and rending is pointless, keep it with twin boneswords and deathspitters then add toxin sacs. Also take 4-5

    Warriors 2 - lose these

    Harpy - lose it for 3 hive guard

    With the poiints you saved, getting another trygon could be very good, but a Tyrannofex would also be very nasty. The choice is yours.
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