So, I was hoping I could post what units I have available to me right now, with the aim of getting advice on bulking up to 1000 points, and then ultimately 1500. I realize it's a bit of a mess, but I inherited some of this stuff, so it was acquired in a bit of a fit of mind, and not with a consolidated purpose. [NIB] = hasn't been built yet, have all native bits to kit with.

Tyrant [NIB]

22 termagants (12 are [NIB])

24 hormogaunts

8 genestealers

2 hiveguard

3 warriors w/ deathspitter, scything claws

--I'd like to get a trygon, just because I (and everyone else in the universe) love the model. My only request is not to use a tervigon, unless someone knows an easy conversion for one. I'm not much of a modeler. Thanks!