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    First 1500 Tau List

    Howdy All,

    I've just bought a used 2K Tau Army for cheap off a friend (who bought it off of a friend...). It wasn't built very competitively, but there's enough usable stuff in it (plus some Piranhas I already had) that I should be able to make a pretty decent 1500 point list out of it with a couple of additions and some scratch-modeling. So I need to figure out exactly what to add/build.

    I came up with this list over a year ago, when I first considered starting the Tau. Please tear it apart mercilessly! At the time this was made the Space Wolves were just getting ready to come out and the Blood Angels were just rumors. So I don't know how well it would handle those armies.

    92 Tau Commander (Shas'el) w/Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Targeting Array, Hard-Wired Multi-Tracker

    124 2 x Crisis Suits w/Plasma Rifles, Missile Pods, Multi-Trackers
    124 2 x Crisis Suits w/Plasma Rifles, Missile Pods, Multi-Trackers
    124 2 x Crisis Suits w/Plasma Rifles, Missile Pods, Multi-Trackers

    60 6 Fire Warriors
    100 10 Kroot w/5 Kroot Hounds
    100 10 Kroot w/5 Kroot Hounds

    Fast Attack
    176 8 Pathfinders w/Devilfish
    65 Piranna w/Fusion Cannon
    65 Piranna w/Fusion Cannon

    Heavy Support
    140 Hammerhead Gunship w/Railgun
    160 2 x Broadside Suit w/Advanced Stabilization System
    160 2 x Broadside Suit w/Advanced Stabilization System

    Total: 1500

    Some things I'm considering are: 1) Swapping a Broadside team for another Hammerhead, 2) Finding the points for another minimum Firewarrior squad in a Devilfish for taking/contesting objectives, and/or 3) Distributing markerlights throughout the army instead of taking the Pathfinders.

    What does the community here think?

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    This is good! Very good for a Tau army you made a year ago. I don't have very much to add.

    First, I would put a multi-tracker and disruption pod on your hammerhead.
    Brings it to 155 points, yet lets it move 12 inches and still fire the railgun and have a 4+ coversave from everything 12 inches away. Both these are priceless upgrades, and allow for a very mobile force.

    Then, I would get Disruption pods on the piranhas, along with a Targetting array on each. Those, an the fusion blaster upgrades (which I fell are mandatory) bring them to 75 points each, but they are very survivable and are more likely to hit something.

    Now, what to drop for those extra points? first thing I would say, is drop 2 pathfinders. 8 is a little much for 1500, but 6 works very well still. saves you 24 points, so those are the upgrades for your piranhas, with 4 points left.
    Next I would Drop one of your Broadside teams. Why? While 5 railguns are great, they are a little overkill at 1500, especially because you won't see an army that spams vehicles your XV8s won't be able to take as well.
    Now you have 164 points to spare. But what to do with them? first, upgrade your Hammerhead to what I said earlier. Much more speedy and killy and a much bigger threat, While gaining survivability! That extra movement totally changes the game. So you are down to 149 points.
    First thing, give your pathfinders Devilfish a Disruption Pod. Remember, this Devilfish should be holding your Fire Warriors, and you don't want this scoring unit to die! Also, this unit should be to just capture objectives when needed to. In annihilation, use it to protect more important stuff. Down to 144 points.
    You have quite a bit of points left, so lets go ahead and upgrade your remaining Broadside team to have a Team Leader with Hard-wired target lock. This is invaluable, letting you take out at least 3 heavy tanks a turn, not t omention all the little tanks your XV8s will take out. down to 134.

    Well, you have everything covered pretty well at this point, so its time to stick to the Tau motto, "More Battlesuits!" First off, make your 3 2-man teams of XV8s into 2 3-man teams. Next, we get either two more battlesuits as you have yours kitted out, or you can get 3 cheaper battlesuits. for this amount of extra points, my fave squad is 3-man with Missile Pod and twin-linked Flamer. 129 points, a cheap unit that you should use for their Missile Pods while you are far away, and a throw-away unit that does lots of dammage to any infantry unit for if a horde of anything gets close! And they won't always die in this instance. I once had this unit take out two rhinos, then take out the ten man tactical squads inside by getting 16+ hits on the marines.
    As an alternative to this squad, get 2 more MP+PR+MT suits like you already have, or 2 Deathrain (Twin-linked MP+something cheap, usually flamer) with a shield drone on your Broadsides.

    If you decide to follow my advice, you will have what is considered to be one of the most effective Tau army list builds. If you decide not to take my advice, which is totally ok, You should still do very good. Your army as you have it is very balanced, and the only issues I have with it are the lack of DPs on your vehicles, and what I feel is too many Broadsides. But hey, we all havve our opinions, and I won't lynch you or be offended if you don't take this advice.

    As to how well you can handle the new armies, just take them like every other army. Every opponents is treated the same by the Tau, at least until we get a new codex.

    Sorry if this is a little long, I tend to get carried away and ramble when it comes to the Empire!
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    Tau Empire: We never stop hiding from you

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