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    Trying to break into Eldar... 750 beginner list

    My lent me his codex to try building an 750 list...

    After a few revisions I've come up with this, my friend commented on it, but I'd like to hear from other Eldar players to hear what you think...

    Eldiritch Storm

    Fire Dragons-108 (X5)
    exarch w/firepike

    Dire Avengers
    -125 (X
    Exach w/Dual shuriken catapults

    Guardians-141 (X11)
    Warlock w/singing spear and destructor
    Guardian w/Scatter Laser

    TL Shuriken catapults
    Pulse Laser

    X2 flamers

    Support Battery-50


    any and all comment are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance...


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    It's great that you're joining the ranks of the eldar and first off welcome you to the fold. I'd actually like to hear your friends opinion on this list but here are a few of mine.

    First off your farseer. Always a good choice of HQ but his one and only power being eldritch storm? No. Your farseer should be built to support and improve your army so guide, doom and fortune are firm favourites with any army you make. Eldritch storm and mindwar are secondary skills you should take if you think youd need them, and even then eldritch storm I'd only take if fighting a horde army with lots of T3 models.

    Fire Dragons are a core unit in an eldar list but they always need to be put into a wave serpent or they will one of the first things to be killed off if your opponent has any sense. Their 12" range and 4+save while on foot just makes them sitting ducks. I'm going to assume they were going in the falcon so its not a bad idea but if your going to use these guys you need to get in close and if your moving flat out your sacrificing all the fire power your falcon has to get them their when a TL shuriken cannon wave serpent would be cheaper and more difficult to kill thanks to their energy shield.
    Secondly, the exarch armed with a fire pike is a waste of points, you are paying 21 points for an extra 6" range, you could get another Fire Dragon for that as well as some spare points.

    Dire Avengers, a good solid troops choice. Over rated and not as good as a lot of people make them out to be on these forums but possibly our best troops choice for the points they cost. Only problem is to get them to their full potential you need to put them in a wave serpent pop them out and bladestorm what ever is in sight then jump them back into wave serpent in relative safety and speed off. Using blade storm is only a good idea if you know you don't need to or won't be able to fire on your next turn.

    Guardians...the over powering let down of an other wise fantastic army. Poor BS, weapon range and armour saves make them so easy to be killed before they actually get to do anything...most of the time at least. If your going to take guardians I recommend that you take storm guardians, they at least can do something when they get into CC and you can take either 2 flamers or 2 fusion guns or 1 of each making them armed for any occasion. I have in the past cracked open a land raider with my Storm guardians and then run over the squad in side thanks to my Storm guardians supperior numbers. Your warlock power I'll leave to you since they are all pretty damn effective.

    Your Falcon is going to supply a lot of fire power, especially at this point level. A decent tank but generally ignored as people like to take prisms because the Falcon is only BS3.

    Wraithlords, a personal favourite at this point level. Not much good once you get to 1500pts> because there is so much heavy weapons at that point they are lucky to survive to turn 2 or 3. At 1500< however they are a fearsome model that just takes so much of your opponents limited heavy fire power to take down that anything else in your army is going to survive long enough to do some damage.

    Support Batteries are not something I have had much experience using and for good reason. Heres my advice, get rid of this, the Fire Dragon Exarch and heavy weapons platform your Guardians are carrying at the moment (Change them for storm guardians) and use these points to get a wave serpent in there for either your DA's of FD's.
    Last edited by Farseer Macleod; February 22nd, 2011 at 18:07.

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