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    1000 pt army list help

    Hey there, decided to start 40k after 4 years of warhammer. And i've decided to start a close combat focused dark eldar army. So in this army list i've gathered up all my favourite models of the DE since fav-model armies are what keeps me motivated to finish an army.

    So without further ado, i present to you my army list:



    Lelith Hesperax - 175p


    5x Mandrakes - 75p

    5x Harlequins - 90p


    10x Wytches - 100p

    10x Wytches - 100p

    10x Wytches - 100p


    2x beastmasters, 3 khymerae, 1 clawed fiend - 100p

    2x beastmasters, 4 Khymerae, 1 Clawed Fiend 112p

    9x Hellions - 144p

    TOTAL = 996p

    Now, i know it isnt really that dangerous against tanks and such. Except maybe the khymeraes and clawed fiends. So what are your thoughts about this list?

    P.S: The people who play at my local GW arn't all that expecienced with 40K (including me) so i dont think i have to go too heavy on tactics. We play for fun only so i dont really care if i loose

    Thanks for help in advance.

    Mr. X

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    For 40k, a few general rules for building lists. And I don't expect you to know these already, because as you said you're new to 40k.

    1) You always want some mid to long range tank killing power. Point for point, the ravager is one of the best tank hunting units in the game. (flicker field is also good for it.) At 1000 pts, 2-3 ravagers would be good.

    2) Melee units need a method to get into melee quickly, because they are often not durable enough to walk slowly across the field for three turns. You Wyches will need a raider to get them into the action ASAP, as well as protect them against some small arms fire. (IE: Bolters)

    3) In general, if the unit can take a power weapon and you expect it to get into melee, give it a power weapon. It may not be useful against swarms, but against marines it is priceless. (Marnies are also one of the most played armies.)

    4) If you DO want to run an all infantry army, you need to follow the strategy of "More bodies than bullets". You want more models than their guns can shoot down before you wear them down into dust. I have not seriously attempted to do this with Deldar, but I fear it may be difficult or impossible to do. Using warriors (mid range support) and webway portal(s) (to get melee into melee before they can be shot easily) will likely be the best way to do this. I am unsure if it can be done well at 1,000 pts.

    5) The game really does change based on how many points you use. And the game is often most balanced between 1250-2k points. Higher and lower than that and certain armies have a massive leg up. (Example: At 750pts, Orks can easily take 6 walkers each with a str 10 melee attack and a s6 assault 2 small blast gun, 60 boys and a model that gives everything near him a 5+ cover save, 4+ if you're a vehicle.)

    All that being said, a melee army for deldar is certainly possible with the right support. If you do not have vehicles I fear it will be difficult to get a good list with the models you have listed above. I would also suggest going for a very cheap HQ choice at this point value, so you can focus on getting more models on the board. (Example: Instead of Lelith, you can take a Haemmy with a liquifier gun and a venom blade, as well as 5 incubi. This would give you 6 models with Feel no Pain and a boat load of power weapon attacks.)

    Below is a melee list: (I'm unsure how effective it would be, but it focuses on what Deldar do best, move quickly.)

    Heammy w/ liquifier and venom blade (hanging with the incubi)

    Incubi x4
    Venom w/ extra splinter cannon
    153 pts

    Liquifier gun x2
    Aco w/ aggonizer
    Raider w/ flicker field
    220 pts

    Wyches x10
    Hekatrix w/ aggonizer
    Raider w/ flicker field
    200 pts

    Heavy Support:
    Ravager w/ flicker field
    115 pts

    Ravager w/ flicker field
    115 pts

    Ravager w/ flicker field
    115 pts

    So the above list is a bit light on troops choices but the ones it has pack a decent punch. It also places 6 vehicles on the table, all with flicker fields, which helps in keeping your opponents from focusing all of their tank hunting on a single target and wiping it off the board instantly. And between the three ravagers and the two raider dark lances, you've got a respectable 11 dark lance shots against your opponents vehicles which can sometimes allow for a turn 1 assault.
    Move up 12 with wyches/incubi. Deploy the incubi with out the haemmy, deploy the wyches. Blast their rhino/chimera/other transport to holy heck with the ravagers and raider dark lances and then fleet forward your incubi/wyches and assault in for the kill. It's a risky move but when it works your opponents are often left stunned. Also keep in mind that when deploying out of a transport, the only rule is that you must have at least a tiny bit of the base with in 2 inches of the hull of the model you're getting out of. So you can squeeze forward a lot due to that.
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