This isn't a proper list, per se, I don't have exact points costs worked out on account of not having bought the dex (since I'm not even sure I'll do eldar as my fifth 40k army). Anyway, I wanted to throw out the rough outlines of a 1850 list for comment:

HQ: Doomseer

Troops: Four full units of Avengers with Exarch, not really set on specific kit, but looking at around 150 points a unit, probably leaning towards the shimmershield/power weapon for melee survivability.

Elites: Two units of 5 mounted dragons, and a unit of 9 banshees, also mounted, incuding an acrobatic shouting executioner exarch (and the doomseer).

Heavy: 5 reapers with tooled exarch, and two prisms.

I know footslogging troops aren't great for taking OBJs...but I don't expect the dragons to live long enough to need their transports in the later stages, and the banshees only really need theirs on turn thought is that two of the three wave serpents should be around to pick up some avengers later on and zoom onto an OBJ.