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Thread: 1500 point list

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    1500 point list


    Tyranid Prime: Lash Whip/ Bonesword, Deathspitter 100pts

    Termagaunts x20 100pts
    Termagaunts x20 100pts
    Genestealers x10: Broodlord 186pts
    Tervigon: Toxin Sacs, Catalyst, Cluster Spines 185 pts
    Warriors x5: Dual Boneswords, Deathspitters 225 pts

    Venomthrope x2 110pts
    Zoanthropes x2 120pts
    Zoanthropes x2 120pts

    Heavy Support
    Trygon Prime 240pts

    Total: 1511

    The Idea is to set the Tervigon up in the middle, with both gaunt broods screening him. The Venomthropes will be directly behind the tervigon, but close enough to grant cover to the gaunts. The Warriors and Prime will take one flank, and the Trygon will take the other. One Zoanthrope brood on each side for support. The Genestealers of course outflank.

    The Idea is to maintain formation as much as terrain allows until within charge range of the enemy. From there the Warriors, and Trygon will assault, and my now substantial gaunt force will fire from within the venomthropes cover. Zoanthropes will deal with tanks.

    What do you think?

    I'm aiming for a fun/ competitive list.

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    344 (x8)

    Honestly... pretty terrible. Your main problem is your anti tank is fragile, and very short ranged. Lets be honest, nobodys going to struggle killing what is effectivly 4 marines in each brood to wipe out any anti tank you have. Secondly, youve got very little actuall killing power. For example, what do you expect those termaguants and tervigon to actually kill? That 385 points is pretty much only good for grabbing objectives. Your warriors are going to eat every large blast S8 gun going aswell, they just scream target at the moment.

    So axe a brood of zoanthropes, lose the venomthropes, one of the guant broods and the warriors. The grab adrenal glands on your tervigon, 2 broods of 2 hive guard, and a T-fex. If youve got the points, bump the guant brood up to 30. The prime then goes in there.
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