I have never played a 500pt game usually 1500+ so help is appreciated. There are some specific rules on the list makeup.

Army construction
- one HQ optional
-minimum one troop
-no vehicles with front side and rear over 33. (for example rhino=11+11+10=32)
-no models with more than two wounds
-no 2+ saves
-no ordinance weapons

My List is::
Fire Warriors x6
Fire Warriors x6
Kroot x10 Houndsx4

Crisis Team x2 - MP, BC, TA, Team Leader, HWMT, MP, BC, MT
Crisis suit x1 - MP, BC, TA, Team Leader, HWMT
Cisis Suit x1 - MP, PR, Team Leader, HWMT

I figure at such a low point level the crisis suits will take out alot of stuff and with no 2+ save the burst cannons can suffice instead of Plasma. Let me know what you think because like I said I haven't played at this point level. Thanks for the help