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    ork 1750 army list

    wat u think

    bk mek p klaw kff c body a squig e armour 3 grot oilrs. in battlewagon wit nobz

    same big mek but instead of kff shokk attack gun in one squad of lootas
    2 x 10 lootas
    10 nobz
    p klaws e armour waagh banner painboy cybork bodies

    2x 30 boyz
    3 b shootas slugas
    nob p klaw

    Battlewagon ard case d rolla red paint job 4 big shootas,

    total 1750

    any criticism is welcome

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    I really like the Big Mek SAG. I dont think he should hang with the lootas. You want lootas shooting armor and SAG shooting troops/terms. There is a conflict of interests here. Also they become a huge target as any enemy shooting get your 2 best shooting at once.

    When I bring my SAG he carries along a group of Grot minions. More useless wounds and SAG becomes a scoring unit! YAY! I also find some opponents giving up trying to shoot 12 units with 4+ cover saves.

    Bosspoles all around. This is the second most important thing you can buy with ork points, after powerklaws.

    I personally like 3 groups of 20 over 2 groups of 30 for flexibility and an extra powerklaw. 2x30 is fine though.

    I think 10 nobz is a bit overkill. 7 will kill anyone they come across.

    My take on your list:

    Big Mek- KFF, shoota/skorcha, bosspole
    Big Mek-SAG, bosspole

    Nobs-7x Powerklaw 2x Waagh banner, Painboy, Cybork bodies
    Battlewagon- 4 big shoota, deffrolla, ard case

    Ork Boys-20 Nob, powerklaw, bosspole 2 big shootas
    Ork Boys-20 Nob, Powerklaw, bosspole 2 big shootas
    Ork Boys-20 Nob, Powerklaw, bosspole 2 big shootas
    Grots-10 Runtherd


    You still have 310 points to spend. In your list I calculate it at 1465. Did you leave anything out?

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