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    1850 Dark Eldar Tournament List

    I don't think I have played 40k in over 4 years. I had a few brief stints of designing some lists, and just never saw any of them come to fruition. I have hit a point with both of my fantasy armies, where I don't need anything else for them, and figured that I might as well actually start up an army for 40k.

    2 x Haemonculus
    3 x Trueborn(3 x Blasters, Venom, Additional Splinter Cannon) X 3
    5 x Kabalite Warrios(Blaster, Venom, Additional Splinter Cannon) X 4
    6 x Reaver Jetbikes(2 Heat Lances, Arena Champion) X 2
    3 x Razorwing Jetfighter(Splinter Cannon)

    So as I mentioned I haven't exactly had my head in this game for quite some time. Obviously a very finesse type army, from what I can gather. Nothing in the vehicle department can take a hit, so load up on lots of them. I think that perhaps pound for pound, Ravagers are more cost efficient than the fighters, but I do like the missiles.

    My first draft of the list had a single unit of the Jetbikes and ran with two units of 10 x Wracks with 2 x Liquifiers.

    I am still torn on that.

    Haemonculus will join the Jetbikes and drop off their tokens to add a small bit of survivability to the bikes.

    I still have some points left, and had originally planned on giving the Haemonculus the Hexrifles, just so that they can attempt something(not much), before they get pasted or if they get ignored.

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    3 Razorwings are probably over the top, although 12 missiles would be absolutely brutal against some armies (tyranids).

    I'd find the points go get at least one squad of wracks.

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