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Thread: noob needs help

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    noob needs help

    I had a birthday recently where my friends decided i needed to play 40k with them. As a result I now have some tyranid models and little idea what to do with them. I'm not looking to beat my friends necessarily, I just don't want to get rolled. So here's what I have based off the models that I have available. Input is much appreciated.

    Hive Tyrant: wings, acid blood, old adversary ( can't decide on twin-linked devourers or not)

    Elites: 3x Hive Guard

    Troops: 3x Warriors w/ pair of boneswords

    8x Genestealers w/ scything talons

    Broodlord w/ scything talons

    16x Termagaunts (can't decide on devourers or not)

    16x Hormagaunts w/ toxin sacs

    My two main opponents are blood angels so lots of 2+ saves, power weapons, and maybe a storm raven, and Eldar shooter heavy, with Avatar, hollow shield skimmers, maybe walkers. But like I said I'm not really sure what I'm doing. I did consider cutting back on some stuff and including a Tyrgon, but for now this is what I have. Though, I'm not completely opposed to spending a little to get a solid list I can play for a while. Appreciate the help.

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    Not a bad selection- I would go with the twin linked devourers.

    In my sig is a link of everything you really need to know to play Nids effectively- I suggest reading that. At the end of it is a great 500 point list- you have most of the models. Just proxy the hive tyrant for a tervigon

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