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    First ever list, 1000 pts.

    Hi all,

    Thinking of getting a small starter Tyranids force and thoguht i should beat about some ideas before i do anything else. I will say that in the list you wont find any small models like gaunts, im trying to keep it fairly big like a monstrous creature army type idea.

    Hive Tyrant: Lash whip & Bonesword, Heavy Venom Cannon

    Zoanthropes (2)

    Zoanthropes (2)

    Tyranid Warriors (5): Scything Talons, Devourer

    Tyranid Warriors (5): Scything Talons, Devourer

    Trygon Prime: Regeneration

    This comes to exactly 1000 points. Please give me feedback, some things im not really sure about is stuff like are zoanthropes good, and can you run a reasnoble army without gaunts?

    Many thanks,


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    Those warriors are going to die quickly to instant-death weapons. That's the biggest thing I'm seeing right now. A bit too heavy on the zoans too. At 1000 I'd maybe take 2 (and even then they should probably be in pods). Regen isn't need on the Trygon at all and neither is the prime upgrade.

    I honestly don't see this list doing very well, but I'll let the more experienced people comment more on it.

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