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    1500 non-destroyer wing

    I know more destroyers equal better results but I have lots of other units I'd like field for a change. I'm still a bit green behind the head mounted audio receptors so please excuse my dum dumness.

    Necron lord- destroyer body, res orb, phase shifter, war scythe

    Necron lord- res orb, chronometron

    Warriors x10
    Warriors x10

    Destroyers x5

    Wraiths x3


    Flayed ones x8- disruptors

    1496pts I think

    The idea is to run the destro-lord with the wraiths for HQ or tank hunting (or anything scary really). Not sure if I should have him join the wraiths for the extra wounds or to have him ride next to them so he can keep his T6 but still use the orb. The warriors would stay back to shoot near the monolith. The res orb and the lith teleport should keep them somewhat safe and the chrono just in case of sweeps (I had 14 points left anyways). Destroyers do what they normally do. The flayed ones will be the wild card. Depending on how the enemy sets up they could infiltrate for hunting, or could be used as a screen for warriors via deepstrike or hide in near by terrain until needed. Since the destroyer count is low I gave them disruptors. 16 glancing hits (24 on charge) is not bad when you consider the unit is much cheaper than a full unit of destroyers.

    Let me know if my tactics need work or the list or both. I don't have any more wraiths or flayed minis to adjust but I do have other units. Thanks!

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    The FOs are not such a threat as u describe them. They have certain cabalities, but they have no hope against pure CC armies. If they will work or not always depends on the type of army you are facing.
    Nice army list though. I would sell the flayed ones for just 10 more warriors. Having more scoring units is one of the most important things in the game.

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