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    tyranid 1750 tournee

    Tyranid Prime 105 pts
    Boneswords (x2) + Deathspitter + Regeneration

    Tyranid Warrior Brood 150 pts
    3 Deathspitter + Venom Cannon

    Tervigon 210 pts
    Adrenal Glands + Toxin Sacs + Catalyst + Onslaught

    Tervigon 210 pts
    Adrenal Glands + Toxin Sacs + Catalyst + Onslaught

    Termagant Brood 60 pts
    12 Termagants

    Termagant Brood 55 pts
    11 Termagants

    Genestealer Brood 140 pts
    10 Genestealers

    Zoanthrope Brood 230 pts
    3 Zoanthropes
    1 Mycetic Spore + Twin-linked Deathspitter

    Hive Guard Brood 150 pts
    3 Hive Guards

    Heavy Support:
    Trygon Prime 240 pts

    Trygon 200 pts

    I haven't played much with tyranids,
    do I need larger termagant broods? tervigons will surely spawn many more,
    so why spend points in the base list.

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    Yes you absolutly need larger broods. Problem being yes they spawn more, but they'll be small, vulnerable, and in isolated broods. Large broods are a must in this sort of list.

    Looking at your list, my problems seem to be going too much on upgrades. Also the warrior brood isnt going to acomplish much. You could struggle with anti tank too.

    So lose regen and the deathspitters from the prime. Get adrenal glands instead. If you've got the points, rending claws could come in handy. Also axe the warrior brood, and replace them with another identicle prime.

    Lose onslaught from the Tervigons, youll be using catalyst. You'll want to bring those guants up to 20 - 25 minimum. Lose the genestealers, and the deathspitter on the zoanthropes pod. Get 3 more hive guard. You SHOULD have the points.

    The primes go in the guant broods. They serve as a counter to units the guants cant handle (dreadnoughts, or one model quite powerful units, IE dreadknights) and pack a punch with power weapons that can ID. The anti tank does its thing, and you should do very well.
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