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    Current model list: What to get now?

    I ended up with a somewhat random collection of Tyranids and just recently finished modeling/painting them. Here is what I have:

    1 Hive Tyrant w/ Heavy Venom Cannon, bone whip/lash

    30 Termagant Brood, fleshborers
    8 Genestealer Brood w/ scything talons
    1 Broodlord
    18 Genestealer Brood
    3 Tyranid Warrior Brood, devourers replaced with rending claws

    3 Ripper Swarm Brood
    tons of spore mine clusters

    1 Biovore

    Total Roster Cost: 1130 without any upgrades, options above reflect how the models are equipped.

    I never really intended to play 'nids but the above has yielded a few fun 1000 pt friendly games by cutting some units and playing around with upgrades.

    My question is, what do I do to take this list to 1500? Having fun and putting cool models on the board is more important to me than making a killer army, but at this point I need to start looking at making it at least somewhat practical.

    FWIW, first order of business is to redo the warriors with magnets so I can play with their options. Next, the tyrant will get detachable wings

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    I'd say, among the 1st things to do is to add 2-6 hive guard, a tervigon, and thinking what kind of army you are going for.
    for a swarmy army I'd go for more terma\horma and gargoyles.
    for a Zilla army I'd go for trygons
    for an assulty army go for Revaners, gargoyles and mybe a harpy
    for shooty list, go for dav terma, more warriors\ dakkafax\ another tyrant
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