HQ- Shas'el: Fire Knife pattern with HWMT
x2 B.Guard:Fire Knife pattern with HWMT
Elite- x6 Crisis: Fire Knife pattern with Markerdrone
Troop- x18 Fire Warrior, x3 Devil Fish w/ DP, FD
Heavy- x2 Hammerhead, RG, DP, MT

Went up against the Grey Knights in a Dawn of War-Take and Hold match yesterday. It goes without saying they are one big Shiny Sledgehammer of Righteousness! From what I remember his list was:

Crow (Name?), 2 Razorback with Las, twinlinked PG, 2 8man squads of purifyers? 4 psyco cannons, a Dreadknight with personal teleporter and a sword (no gun), Dreadnaught Las and CCW, 5 Termies with Librarian and super mind powers.

I did not expect that dreadknight to move 30'' in first turn holy crap! And those termies are awesome. I kited his dreadknight with crisis suits and HH, tied up his deepstruck termies with 1 squad of firewarriors, killed his troops, RBs and crow with focus fire. Slipped in my FW on his unguarded CP on 4th turn and contested my CP with a DF and drones on 5th turn for the win. By the end of the game, I had 12 firewarriors, 2 drones and 1 DF.