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    1500 pt ork list help please

    hi, so im new to Warhammer 40K , i used to play fantacy about 7 years ago .. but rediscovered my love for the game and decided to go for Orkz cuz dey is green n green iz da best ...
    iv brought quite abit and started assembling and painting but need some help on a list , the models i own are : warboss x3, Big mek (KFF)<converted>, 18 nobz (3 P.C), Painboy<converted>, 9 def koptas, Trukk<scratch built> , battle wagon<scratch built> lootazx5 inc mec, burnaz x 5 <converted>inc mec, 47 slugga boyz. basicaly iv got 3x aobr , box of nobs and a box of lootaz... the list i was thinking is :

    Warboss 105
    Power . K
    T.L Shoota

    Big Mek 110
    Power . K

    Lootas x5 75

    Burna Boyz x5 75

    Nobs x6 210
    nob 1 Power.K
    nob 2 Bosspole
    nob 3 skorcha
    All Cybork

    Boyz x24 184

    Boyz x24 184

    Trukk 55
    (boss n nobz)Red Paint .J

    Deffkoptaz x 5 225
    T.L.R x5

    Battlewagon 140
    big mek n burna boyz
    Deff RollaR
    ed Paint .J
    Big Shoota
    Big Shoota

    thats a total of 1363... any idea what else to take ? .. im thinking 4 more lootaz and burnaz .. help would be much appreciated , thanks

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    Not my cup of tea tbh. It doesn't seem to have a focus. It splits your army into 2 groups, a fast and a slow, I find by doing that you typically just leave your self to being focused to death as you bring half your army vs his whole army, then half vs his remainder. (it's like playing a chaos daemon army, but you can't deepstrike your reinforcements into the fray, instead they are walking on foot.)

    I tell most people to find a focus for your list then I can help critique it. If you want to go foot slogging I reccomend upping numbers to help you live to get there. If you are going mech I recommend more vehicles.

    If you want to run this list because you have the models for it, and can't afford to go one way or the other my suggestions are this. Split your kopta's (or replace them with TL Rokkit warbuggies in smaller groups no sense in letting them wipe a whole squad with 1 squad. If you make it 3 groups of 2 2 and 1 then they have to allocate at least 3 groups to kill 5 models)

    Don't add 4 lootas, take your lootas in squads of 5 or 15 nothing inbetween. (5 if they are shot at and run no big deal it's 75 points, 15 if they are shot at they can live and likely make a ld test and stay to shoot back, 9 they get shot by some random rhino storm bolter, loose 2, fail ld of 7, run, bye bye 135 pts from a rhino storm bolter)

    2 big shootas are not useful on a bwagon, you will be driving it fast enough that you won't be shooting your shootas anyway, so you might as well not have that, also you won't be assaulting with your burna wagon, you will be driving it and dropping templates and only getting out when you are ejected from the exploding wreckage, as a result the stick bomb chucka is wasted. Outfit your wagon with the following

    -Armour Plates
    (with your bmek having a pk, you might as well also toss on a boarding plank as he can sit safely in the vehicle and attack adjacent vehicles that you deff rolla ram)

    On this forum it's important to distinguish if your boys are shoota boys or slugga boys. If you are foot slogging them I really hope for your sake they are shoota boys, and if thats the case, take some big shootas. My guess is since you have the AOBR boys they are all slugga/choppa boys in which case, get konvertin (chop of the ends of extra slugga arms, or get small tubing, or anything really and extend the barrel of their slugga's and just chop the choppa off and make it look like he's making a fist. Or holding an extra ammo clip, or a flag, or a severed appendage from another faction.

    Lastly, a truck is a pretty pitiful transport for a nobsquad. Either get them on bikes, or get them in a bwagon. But a truck can be popped from normal infantry fire.

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