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    Fun 1850 Biker/Dread list

    What do you guys think of this list? It isn't really intended for super competitive play.

    Warboss with bike, PK, Attack Squig
    Big Mek with KFF, Burna, 'eavy Armor
    10 Nobz on bikes with Painboy, 3 PKs, 6 Big Choppas
    x2 5 Nobz on bikes with Painboy, 2 PKs, 2 Big Choppas
    x4 Deff Dread each with with 3 DCCW, Skorcha

    Comes out to right around 1850 points, with the big Nobz squad and one Deff Dread being troops. Its meant to be more of an assault quick then let the dreads come up while the enemy is distracted sort of army that will only really play for annihilation.

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    I'd drop a nob or two, just to give the kff big mek some sort of group to absorb fire. (shoota boyz)

    If he's walking behind the deff dreads, he's just going to be picked off. There is only so many 4+ saves a single guy can take. Once he's down, the dreads KFF is gone, and they're much easier to take out.

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