Tried to post before, but it didnt come up so sorry if this is a double post. Its been about 4 years or so since I have played 40k. I used to play guard and had lots of fun blowing stuff apart. I got a really good deal on an old tyranid (2nd ed?) army box with some extras back then and Ive picked up a few new models. I just got them all painted and now I am back into the game. Heres a list of what Ive got:

2 Hive Tyrants- 1 w/ lash whip, BS, and Venom cannon; 1 w/ Lash whip, BS, and Talons
2 Zoanthroaps- One could be used as Doom
3 Lictors- One is an old model that could count as Death Leaper
11 Warriors- 4 w/ whip, BS, and Rending Claws; 4 w/ Devourers & claws; 2 w/ VC & claws; 1 w/ Deathspitter & claws
50 Termegants- 26 with fleshborers; 24 with spine fists
35 Hormagaunts- w/ sything talons
8 Genestealers
18 Gargoyles
2 Carnifex- 1 screamer, 1 newer model
1 Biovore- 10 spore mines
1 Tyrannofex- Rupture Cannon
3 Myetic Spores

I know that I am missing the essential Hive Guard and Tervigons, but I will be acquiring some soon. Right now I was just interested in making a good list that I could play with for a while.

Here is the list that I came up with. At my local hobby shop, they dont mind proxying so little things like zoanthroap/Doom and lictor/Deathleaper and would be fine. Any input from the experts about making this list more competitive is appreciated. Thanks!

Hive Tyrant: Bone Sword, Lash Whip, Venom Cannon, Toxin Sacs, Hive Commander, Leach Essence, Psychic Scream 230pts
Death Leaper 140pts
Doom: w/ Spore w/ Deathspitter 140pts
Tervigon (proxyed fex): Stinger Salvo, Talons, Adrenal Glands, Catalyst 190 pts
Warriors: 4 (3 proxy) w/ deathspitters & talons, 1 w/ venom cannon & talons 150pts
Warriors: 3 w/ claws, 2x bone swords 120pts
Termagants: 20 w/ fleshborers 100pts
Hormaugants: 20 w/ toxin sacs 160pts
Genestealers: 7 and 1 broodloard w/ talons 160pts
Fast Attack:
Gargoyles: 18 108pts
Spore Mines: 6 60 pts
Heavy Support:
Tyrannofex: Rupture Cannon, Dissector Larvae, Stinger Salvo 265pts
Carnifex: Frag Spines, Adrenal Glands 175pts

Total 1,998 pts