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    Dark Eldar 1000! A talos gets used!

    This is my first stab at a dark eldar list, since my playing normal eldar, or as I like to call it, protect the fire prisms! They're the only unit that can kill stuff! I liked the thought of a talos just because he is either a fire magnet, or something that finally makes it into close combat in around turn 3 or 4 to really bring some heavy CC power. The cronos wouldnt be useful just because my CC units that will actually make use of the pain tokens already start with 1 and can easily get 1 more quickly.

    Haemonculus w/ agonizer, scissorhand, liquefier gun-


    Warriors (10) 1 w/ blaster, 1 w/ Splinter cannon-

    Raider w/ Flickerfield, splinter racks-

    Warriors (10) 1 w/ blaster, 1 w/ Splinter cannon

    Raider w/ Flickerfield, Splinter racks Nightshields

    Wyches (9) w/ shardnet, hydra gauntlets, haywire grenades, Hekatrix w/ Blast Pistol, Agonizer, Grenade Launcher

    Raider w/ Flickerfield, Night Shields-

    Heavy Support

    Talios w/ Chain Flails, ccw

    Ravager w/ Flicker field, Night Shield

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    the talos doesnt really seem to fit to me.

    you have this entire army that is mounted and fast and then one monster that moves so slow. If I were playing with you I would ignore it until your raiders/ravager were dead and then I would deal with it at my leasure.

    I think you need to downgrade the hekatrix a bit as well. Maybe just keep her with an agonizer and keep her cheap and simple.
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