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    1500 Competitive List

    So basically I want to make a list that can take on anything and everything. I want it to be awesome and fun to play. I like warp beasts and taloi but sadly if I use them I would want to include a WWP and to do that would mean investing 300+ points in the Harly + Haemon deploying team. That and I don't trust the timing of my army arriving to the dice. Therefore, I came up with this one. It's 1500 exactly.

    -Shattershard, Agonizer

    -In a squad with-

    9 Wychs
    --Flickerfield, Sails

    10 Wracks
    -2 Liquifier Guns, Sergeant
    --Flickerfield, Sails

    3x 5 Warriors
    --Extra Splinter Cannon

    2x 5 Scourges
    -2x Haywire Blasters

    3 Ravagers
    -Dark Lances, Flickerfields, Night Shields

    The Ravagers and the Scourges hunt down transports and big things while the warriors go after any infantry to soften them up for the Wracks and Wychs. The Warriors also help clean up transports/pick off that one marine who gets away.

    So what do you all think?

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    I think your list looks nice: you picked all the competitive units for all the FoC slots.

    Apart from the following:
    Scourges, as much I love the Haywire Blasters, they are not competitive. You should replace them with 3x Trueborn Blasters in Dakka Venoms. From AV12+ 2x HWB got 11% more chance to shake+ vehicles but they do have 22% to 7% to wreck+ the vehicle and even better below AV12. So you only lose 12" mobility which can be reduced because open topped transport and you ADD 12 poison shot at 36". Vastly more effective since with scourges you can only aim at one target.

    You still need to find 32 points to make this change: I advise you to take the Agon from the Heamy, he shouldn't be in CC and then you could remove the Acothyst, Nights Shields, Enhanced Sails or a Wych to get enough points free.

    Do I see it right: you don't have HwG on your Wyches? I would rather have 7-8 Wyches with than 9 without. You can µcharge into a unit and vehicles to shake them and still be locked in combat, it is just too sweet to pass up.

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