Hey y'all.
My first Dark Eldar list, but I've faced a fair few of them (no losses to date, boo-yah!) so I know some of their tricks and tactics, have a reasonable idea of what units do what, etc.

Hoping that many of you know of the game Bioshock. At the beginning of the game, when you head down to Rapture you end up in a medical district. And the man who seems to run/control this medical district is a twisted and most disturbing surgeon who goes by the name of Steinman.
"What can I do with this one, Aphrodite? She WON'T... STAY... STILL! I want to make them beautiful, but they always turn out WRONG! That one... too fat! This one... too tall! This one... too symmetrical! And now... what's this, Goddess? An intruder? He's ugly. Ugly! UGLY! UGLY!"
That guy really creeped me out, and set the scene beautifully for the rest of the game(s). The whole idea of a perfect world, a perfect people, who through vice and hedonism have turned into little more than beasts. Reading through the DE codex and looking at Haemonculii my first thought was: Steinman, the daemon surgeon from the very depths of Hell.

And so, my Steinman/Haemonculus-themed DE. Obviously if I made it, the Raiders would be converted to be practically floating autopsy rooms, the ravager as the storage for bodies or something...

Haemonculus w Agoniser (In Raider with Grotesques) - 70

3 Grotesques and Aberration - 225
w Raider w Flickerfield and Grisly Trophies

4 Mandrakes and Nightfiend (85)

9 Wracks and Acothyst (Flesh Gauntlet) - 215
w Raider w Flickerfield

9 Wracks and Acothyst (Scissorhand) - 210
w Raider w Flickerfield

8 Warriors - 60
w Blaster

Ravager w Flickerfield - 115

Comes to 997 in total. I think it'd make for a decent list. Some anti-infantry, some anti-MC, and a little anti-mech too. I'm guessing you know what each unit is for. Raiders and passengers driving forwards for smack-down. Mandrakes can threaten from turn 1. Ravager will blast away for as long as it can before it gets pulled down. Wracks and Grotesques/Haemonculus charge whatever they're most suited for taking down. Got some anti-infantry as well as some stuff useful against multi-wound units in there. Wracks tend to do better against high T with poison, so was thinking of giving Scissorhand to the Aberration for more against larger, weaker squads. But does it still get the 3+ to wound and +2 attacks (taking it to a 5 in total, 6 on the charge)?

Thoughts, criticisms. Blast away. Would love to eventually get around to making a 2k list themed with the medical-haemonculus feel about it. It'll have to wait for now...