So this is my first DE list. im still buying models but this is what I plan on making. I've revised this a 1000 times, so now i'm just gona post it, get some advice, and hopefully get some closure on what to build towards until i finaly get my first games

3x Haemonculus
3X liquifies

3 groups of these:
7x wytches (1 upgraded to heka)
agoniser & splinter pistol hekatrix
7x haywire
Grisly trophies
Flicker field
-597 pts total

4 incubi
extra splinter canon
-175 pts

4 trueborn
4 blasters
extra splinter cannon
-173 pts

3 trueborn
2 splinter cannons
extra splinter cannon
-121 pts

2 of these
night shields
3 darklances
-150 pts total

Basicly a haemonculus per wych squad. while wyches are positioning and what not for the charge, the splinter trueborns are harasing and being a distraction. incubi will move to intercept and deathstare or well equiped units for close combat. ravegers and blaster trueborns smash transports or tanks. i have night shields cause people i play are easily distracted, and if one ravager does descent or looks particular shiny, then they WILL DUMP EVERYTHING INTO IT. so night shields help to get a few more wasted shots. i am gone for the summer so maybe people in the club will get over "shoot-da-big-nonthreatening-shinythingy" mentality (seriously, i gota ~15 man DT crusader squad about to smash into everything the other player has, and nooooo he has to try and kill the dread in the corner thats wiffing on all his autocannon/stormbolter shots). anyway, once my wyches disembark then my haemonculus go cackling across the field in there pimp'mobiles liquifiy everything and providing another distraction.

my biggest wory is what to leave behind or have ready to go back and grab objectives. i've been advised from other sources that unless ur doing some kinda of wrack/haemonc army that you DO NOT camp objectives. instead you slice through your army, then run for the objectives last turn Fritz style.