2x. * Warboss*
PK BP Cybork Squig 'eavy armor
TL shoota

2x *6 Nobs
Painboy bosspole waaagh banner 1PK 4Big Choppas 'eavy cybork*
5x TL Shootas
Trukk- armor plates rpj

2x shoota boys- 3 big shootas
Nob- 'eavy PK BP

2x 5 warbikes*
Nob- PK BP

5x deffkoptas 5x TL Rokkits

This list has worked really well for me lately and does fairly well against almost anything I have come up against. Warboss goes with the nobs in the truck and deffkoptas outflanking. I always hear people saying buggies are better than Koptas but I have always had great success with them. I'd really like to hear what you guys thought about it.