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    semi-friendly 1000 point tyranid list

    I've been playing nids for quite a while now and have been testing some stuff out. I play with a group that contains a lot of Mech heavy and infantry heavy lists generally and after playing them I have devised a list to mainly combat Blood Angels, Ultrasmurfs, and Black Templar (mostly the Templar as it was written for a game with them). I'd just like to get your opinions on it so I can improve my list writing especially at these lower point games.

    Tyranid Prime w/ twin boneswords-90 points

    2 Hive guard-100 points

    2 Hive guard- 100 points

    Doom of Malantai w/ Mycetic Spore-130 points

    10 Termagants-50 points

    Tervigon w/ Catalyst-175 points

    8 Genestealers w/ scythed broodlord-160 points

    24 Hormagaunts w/ Toxin Sacs-192 pts

    Total: 997 points

    Thanks for the help!

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    Running the tyranid prime without warriors is giving up much of his potential think about replacing the doom of malantai with 3 warriors. I don't play nids but everytime i've come up against this combo it has been deadly (don't forget to bring a lash). otherwise looks pretty good and balanced.

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    You can run a prime queit happily without a warrior squad, You just need a proper bunker for him. Youve got the makings of one in those guants, but the tervigon isnt nearly kitted out right. What do you expect those guants and the tervigon to actually do? Thats a lot of points for a glorified objective squad.

    Lose the stealers, then buff the termaguants to 30, give the tervigon toxin sacs and adrenal glands. Stick rending and adrenal glands on the prime, and id say you were good to go.
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