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    New DE army, 500 pts of cheapness

    I'm trying out with a cheap (irl $$ & pts wise) DE force. I've based this force around the new battleforce set and would like to know what you think.

    Succubus: 75 points
    - Haywire Grenades
    - Hydra Guantlets

    10 Kabalite Warriors: 170 points
    - Splinter Cannon
    - Raider w/Flickerfield

    9 Wyches: 170 points
    - Raider w/Flickerfield

    Fast Attack:
    3 Reavers: 86 points
    - Cluster Caltrops

    Total: 501 points

    Im unsure how well the dark lances on my raiders will fare as i'll have to rely on them as my only anti tank.

    What can I do to make this list better without ruining the fluffy feel. E.g. Haemonculus w/wyches......yeah it doesn't 'feel' right.

    Also keep note i'm trying to keep this little army as cheap as possible, Australian prices arent cheap

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    This is just what I would do and I don't have my dex in front of me so it's going to be approximate.

    Archon (convert a warrior instead of buying him. Use some of the leftover wych bits too.) at least give him a shadowfield and special weapon)

    9 warriors

    8 wyches
    Hekatrix, agoniser
    Haywire grenades
    (if you don't have the points for an agoniser use 9 wyches without hekatrix.)

    Night shield
    Flicker field.

    Alternately to the ravager you can get another box of warriors and make a trueborn sniper squad with 3 trueborn and 2 dark lances. It's cheap and fragile, but at low points it should get the job done.

    All you buy is the battleforce, a raider and a ravager. Probably about 200$

    It's scalable too. Buying the same gets you 1000 points. And again for 1500.
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