What do you think to this:

Big Mek
+ burna
+ kustom force field
+ grot oiler =110

Deff Dread
+ 2x Dreadnaught close combat weapons
+ grot riggers =110

Deff Dread
+ 2 Big shootas
+ grot riggers =90

20 'Ard Boyz
+ Nob
+power Klaw
+ Boss Pole =240

5 Burna Boyz
+ Mek
+ grot oiler =80

+ 4x Big shoota
+ Stikkbomb chucka
+ boarding plank =120

+ 4x Big shoota =110

4 Deffcoptas =140

This has been fairly successeful against both IG and Chaos Daemons.

I chose Battlewagons as transport of choice cos of the 14 front armour and the large amount of weapons that can be attached.

The deffcoptas are used primarly as a screen for the mek and deffdreads, also the twin-linked big shoota is pretty effective against anything that isn't heavly armoured. The deffdrerads and nobs with PK get rid of any tanks about and the boys rip through enemy squads that are silly enough to stand anywhere nearby.

Thoughts please!!!!