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    My first competitive list 1250 Pt!!

    Hey guys,
    this is my first own made competitive list don't know if it's any good.
    So please comment if you have any ideas to make it more competitive.

    HQ 110 Pt

    Tyranid Prime 110 Pt
    - Deathspitter, lash whip & bone sword, andrenal glands.

    Elite 100 Pt

    Hive guard 50 Pt
    Hive guard 50 Pt

    Troops 525 Pt

    Termagant Brood (20) 100 Pt
    Tervigon 200 Pt
    -Scything talons, Cluster spines, Adrenal glans, Toxin sacs
    Termagant Brood (20) 120 Pt
    -fleshborer, toxin sacs
    Warrior Brood (3) 105 Pt
    -Devourer, Vennom Cannon

    Heavy support 515 Pt

    Tyrannofex 265 Pt
    -Rupture Cannon
    Trygon Prime 250 Pt
    -Adrenal glands


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    Put rending and dual boneswords on the prime, and hes fine.

    2 Hive guard... eh not really enough. They'll die reasonably easily. Tough, but not unkillable.

    Lose the toxin sac guants. Also your tervigons points is wrong. I assume you had catalyst on there? if not, get it. Lose the tallons.

    Make the termaguant brood 30 strong

    Get the warriors rending if your going to take them. Personally id lose them in favour of some genestealers. The prime will do just as well in the termaguants.
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