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    1500 point Eldar Tournament list


    + Spear
    + Stones
    + Guide
    + Doom


    5x Rangers
    + Pathfinders

    10x Dire Avengers
    + Exarch
    + Power Weapon and Shield
    + Bladestorm
    + Defend

    10x Dire Avengers
    + Exarch
    + Power Weapon and Shield
    + Bladestorm
    + Defend


    10x Howling Banshees
    + Exarch
    + Mirror Swords
    + Acrobatic
    + Warshout

    6x Fire Dragons

    Heavy Support

    + Brightlance
    + Stones
    + Holo Fields


    3x Wave Serpent
    + T-L Bright Lances
    + Stones

    Total = 1490.

    All units are held in Wave Serpents except the Fire Dragons, who are mounted in falcon, and pathfinders who are hiding in cover for their +2 save - always at least 4+ cover save (most likely camping on an objective). Farseer to guide and doom units targeted by pathfinders as the rend on 5/6 on "to hit" rolls, and 6 as standard on "to wound" rolls. Looking to get at least 3 rending hits per turn. A total of 4 Bright lances (3 twin-linked) looking to hit at least 2 vehicles per turn, with chances to cause damage. Fire Dragons to target damage specific vehicles.

    Howling Banshees as CC unit. And Dire Avengers to claim objectives. Can blade storm + dice in hand for any large units of infantry.

    Concerned about heavier infantry, e.g. space marines. Thought about the possibility of Dark Reapers? LMK what you think please

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    Farseer: Good, but one question, why no runes of warding? For the points they are a steal (especially against GKs, which are flavor of the month atm).

    Pathfinders:I have yet to see these guys contribute anything worthwhile for their points value. They might survive well enough, unless someone brings a flamer, but I wouldn't count on rends AT ALL based on the number of shots you have. Also, be careful how you are thinking of this. You do NOT rend on to hit rolls. The rending effects TO WOUND rolls. You get AP 1 on to hit rolls with their special rules. It is still very possible to fail to wound with those hits (you get a 50/50 here). You also do not get to reroll successful hits that aren't AP 1 with guide, only misses.

    Dire Avengers: provided you make use of defend and the pw/ss, otherwise wasted points. I run a unit of my DAs just like yours, but I have a specific use for them, and only 1 squad (the other is bladestorm only).

    Banshees: Why mirror swords and not the executioner? The Banshees main issue is with to wound rolls due to low STR, anything you can use to boost this is worth taking.

    Fire dragons: good

    Falcon: Good, however THIS should get all of your guide attention. You have 3 Str 8 shots that are only 50/50 due to ballistic skill. Guide goes a long way here to insure those points aren't wasted on missing every turn.

    Serpents: Generally good, however the 3x BLs might be overkill. Unless you think you will face a lot of AV 13+ vehicles, I'd drop one or two of those for EMLs (same str, more flexible, cheaper), you'll save points to boot. Plus you'll still have the BL on the falcon, and the Dragons for anything that is particularly juicy/nasty.

    Overall not a bad list, just a little tweaking here and there and you should be ok.
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    I'm not sure why, but it feels like you have litter killing power. Seriously. 2 Avenger squads are great, and a bunch of linked lances, and obligatory Fire Dragon Squad and even Banshees. I don't know why. Perhaps because you've got so little Heavy Support while most of this codex' firepower lies there? Maybe because you've got 5 guys per 120 poitns that aren't going to kill anything at all?

    As mentioned, this Defend is not really going to help you.

    I know! You've got 3 linked S8 shots on 3 vehicles and 3 shots on a single vehicle, not twin-linked. And a bunch of meltas. And.. .that's it? That's you'r only anti-tank firepower? And no S6 at all?
    My beloved Eldar force, I'll judge your roster core. I appreciate your concern, You're gonna think and learn. Rep me... rep me, my friend.

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