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    1500 Dark Eldar - friendly

    Hi folks,

    I've been out of the 40k scene for about 2 years in favour of WFB. However a friend of mine gave me a lend of his DE codex and I am highly tempted to come back to 40k. Ive been working on a small 1500 point force centered around the contents of 2 batallion boxes and would like any critisism or advice you can offer. Thanks in advance


    Archon - 100 points
    Pistol, Agoniser, Ghostplate, Combat drugs


    9 wyches - 190 points
    Hekatrix, Hydra gauntlets x 1, raider with flickerfield (Archon here)

    10 wyches - 210 points
    Hekatrix, Hydra gauntlets x 2, raider with flickerfield

    10 Warriors - 150 points
    Blaster, Dark Lance, Sybarite with splinter pistol and agoniser

    10 Warriors - 140 points
    Shredder, Dark lance, Sybarite with splinter pistol and agoniser

    Fast Attack

    6 Reavers - 132 points

    10 Hellions - 170 points

    10 Scourges - 220 points

    Heavy Support

    1 Razorwing - 185 points
    Splinter cannon, 4 x necrotoxin missiles, flickerfield

    Total Points - 1497

    I aim to play it as a fast moving force with the warriors in support. Thanks once again

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    I'll go through my opinion of each individual unit, and then I will give a thought on what I think of the list as a whole.

    -With your archon I would either add a clone field to go with the ghost plate or I would drop the ghost plate in favor of the shadow field

    -Both wych units need a hekatrix with agoniser, I personally prefer either razorflails or shardnets as my wych weapons (usually shardnet so I can reduce enemy attacks while I wait for the hekatrix to agonize stuff to death)

    -There are two ways to run warriors in my opinion, either on foot with a blaster and dark lance and nothing else, or mounted in a raider with a splinter cannon and maybe a blaster or shredder and nothing else. I think the Sybarites with agonisers can be points better spent elsewhere (like getting agonisers in the wych squads and some additional defense on the archon)

    -If you arent using Reavers for their heatlances, you should get cluster caltrops on them

    -I would honestly drop the hellions, its just my opinion but I really just dont find them worthwhile without the baron to make them tougher.

    -Scourges are the same as reavers, they are usefull for their special weapons. If you really want to take them, I would just take a 5 man scourge squad with a couple haywire blasters to stunlock vehicles

    -Razorwings are awesome, though I think the monoscythe missiles are just fine, so if you need 20 points for something I would remove the necrotoxin and stick with the monoscythe.
    Overall I really think your list is lacking in necessary anti-tank, I also get the feeling that in order to fit the bodies you really scrimped on the necessary upgrades to make units effective while on other units you took unnecessary upgrades. I would reccomend moving some points around to make each unit more effective, maybe getting some raiders for the warriors. I think you need to drop the sybarites with the agonisers, drop the necrotoxin missiles, drop the hellions, and drop 5 of the scourges.

    With these points you can get 2 ravagers with fields to help with anti tank, 2 agonisers for the wych squads, 2 heat lances for the reavers, 2 haywire blasters for the 5 remaining scourges, and you still have 46 points left to use on archon upgrades or something (again I would suggest adding clone field or replacing ghost plate with shadowfield)

    The core selections comprised of the battleforces (reavers, wyches, warriors) are fine, I just think you needed better upgrades for them.

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