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    Eldar vs. Tau, Necron or Tyranids (army list request)

    Hello there!

    Since my friends play Tau, Necron and Tyranids I would like to hear from you which army lists fits these armies best. I just bought new units for my eldar army, but I haven't played them yet, so I would like to hear some tips and tricks in how to use them. I will also add my experiences with eldar so far, so I will be helping you too (maybe). Btw, we don't play "What you see is what you get" too strict, so when I put my farseers or warlocks on a jetbike, I only have to represent this on my army list. This is important to know for you guys when looking at my (total) army list.

    here is my total army list from which you can compose an army:
    - 2 farseers
    - 4 warlocks
    - 1 Avater


    - 20 defender guardians(I don't use them as storm guardians)
    - with heavy weapon and 2 crew members
    - 16 Dire Avengers
    - 2 Dire Avenger Exarchs
    - 6 Rangers/pathfinders
    - 6 Eldar Jetbikes

    - 2 Wave Serpents

    - 10 Striking Scorpions
    - 2 Striking Scorpion Exarchs

    Fast Attack
    - 4 Warp Spiders
    - 1 Warp Spider Exarch
    - 1 Eldar Vyper

    Heavy Support
    - 1 Falcon Grave Tank
    - 2 Fire Prisms
    - 4 Dark Reapers
    - 1 Dark Reaper Exarch
    - 1 Wraithlord
    - 2 Support Weapons

    So my questions for you:
    - Can you make me three separate 1500 point army lists:
    - one against Necron?
    - one against Tau?
    - one against Tyranids?
    Necrons army:
    The necron army consists of:
    - 30 warriors,
    - 1 necron lord,
    - 4 scarab swarms,
    -3 tomb spiders,
    - 3 destroyers(or heavy destroyers),
    - he will get a monolith,
    - 2(?) wraiths
    - and like 4(?) pariahs, don't know that number, but he has them for sure

    Tau army:
    I don't know how this army works with all those odd names, but here is what he certainly has:
    - 30 fire warriors
    - 5 sniper drones
    - 10 gun drones
    - 10 vespid stingwings
    - 20 kroot with shaper and 3(?) hounds
    - 1 spotter
    - commander shas'o
    - broadside battlesuits: 2 shas'ui and 1 'vre
    - 10 pathfinders

    Tyranid army:
    - 1 hive tyrant
    - 3 tyrant guards
    - 3 tyranid warriors
    - 1 lictor(Which he doesn't like with new rules)
    - 20 genestealers
    - 30 hormaguants
    - 5 ripper swarms
    - 12 gargoyles
    - 1 zoanthrope
    - 1 biovore
    - 3 spore mines
    - 1 carnifex

    ** I Will add my ideas, but I have to go now.

    Thanks you VERY much for the help already!

    Last edited by wraitlordnr1; July 4th, 2011 at 13:28.

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    Farseer + warlocks

    In reply to my thread, I would like to say something about how I use my farseer and warlocks.
    I usually put my farseer on a jetbike along with his bodyguards warlocks. This way they have an increased toughness(+1), a better save(+1) and they are much faster. I always give my farseer the following psychic powers:
    - Fortune, this makes them re-roll all their saves, I love this power.
    - Doom
    - Mind-war, last battle I didn't use it, but I think this power is awesome.
    I don't give him guide, because I can only use 2 powers, and every turn I fortune the squad.

    furthermore my farseer has: Singing spear upgrade, spirit stones, runes of witnessing

    One of the warlocks I give embolden, so the team is able to re-roll any failed leadership test. The rest of the warlocks get the destructor power. I give my warlocks also the singing spear upgrade.

    This makes the team very expensive, but when fortuned they are almost indestructible. It's one of my best squads on the field and they are very fast. What do you guys think of this?

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