Hey Y'all,
After attending a Selection Day for an apprenticeship at GW in Nottingham (Failed but meh) I've had my interest in 40k rekindled!

So here goes with a 1,500 Point Ork Army. After each Unit/Character I'll detail why I chose that unit in italics.

Warboss Bludgutz, with Power Klaw, Twin Linked Shoota, 'eavy armour and Boss Pole - 100 points
To lead the Waaagh from his Battle wagon, he'll lead the 'ard boyz, and along with their power klaw wielding Nob should balance that unit out nicely.

Big Mek Sniffit, Kustom Force Field, 'eavy armour - 90 points
The Kustom force field can help my shoota boyz stay alive for a while

15 Boyz with Sluggaz & Choppaz, 1 x Big Shoota, Nob with Boss pole - 110 points

15 Boyz with Shootas, 1x big shoota, nob with Boss pole - 110 Points

15 boyz with shootas, 1x Rokkit Launcha, Nob with Boss pole - 115 Points

15 boyz with shootas, 1x Rokkit Launcha, Nob with boss pole - 115 Points
60 Boyz to give lots of Dakka & a bit of choppa to help protect da dakka boyz (Cuz der weak like dat)

30 Grots, 3 Runt Herds - 129 Points
Love grots, should be useful to screen the shoota boyz.

10 'Ard Boyz with Shootas, 1x Big Shoota, Nob with Power Klaw
Bodyguard for Bludgutz, I'd prefer Nobz but these'll do to save points.

5 Lootas - 75 Points

10 Lootas - 150 points
Couldn't claim to be Deffskullz with no Lootas!

Looted Wagon with Boomgun & 'ard case - 115 Points
Got an old Space Wolf vindicator that I'm converting (& adding some cool stuff, such as an Ork Boy standing in the hatch, and an Assault Squad Space Marine getting his arm hacked off) to be Orky to lend some nice fire support

3x Lobbas, 5 Extra crew - 90 Points
Will convert some imperial Guard mortars. To give long ranged indirect fire, I like fighting city fights so this is needed!

Battlewagon, lobba, 4x big shootas, grot riggers, armour plates, deffrolla - 160 points
Going to convert a Land Raider (Will paint in Space Wolf colours! muwahaha) to carry my Boss around. By the way, can anyone explain what the Lobba having no Crew means? It says Crew Not Included, so do I need to embark some grots or something?

Thoughts? This is just a casual & fun list so I'm not going for uber-list that will win tournaments, winning would be nice but fun is more... fun