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    2000pt Nid vs Nid Competitive

    I am playing another nids player I can not wait his tactics are far different then mine, he loves to spam Hormagaunts with AG... so not going to work. My Tyrants going to run as around and aim to take out his Tervigon and/or any other MC, the prime/warriors and going to foot slog with the gaunts up the field, Tervigon will be in cover with the two broods of biovores, and the fex will deep-strike behind he main force and create some crossfire with the spore. This player thinks fex's are worthless and as well are warriors I plan to see what I can do to change his mind.

    Tyrant- 255 pt
    Old Adversary
    2x S-T
    Leech Essance

    Prime 100pt
    Pair Bone Swords
    Adrinal Glands

    3x Hive Guard 150pt

    3x Hive Guard 150pt

    6x Warriors 180pt

    15x Termagaunts 75pt

    15x Termagaunts 75pt

    10 Devil Gaunts 150pt

    Tervigon 195pt
    Adrinal Glands

    20x Hormagaunt 160pt

    3x Biovores 135pt

    3x Biovores 135pt

    Carifex 240pt
    2x Twinlinked Dev and Brain worms
    Mystic Spore
    Twin Linked Deathspitter

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    Well he's right about fex's. They are, without question, one of the most worthless units in the book. Not because they're overcosted (which they are, by a lot) but because everything can do better than a fex. Unless you plan to run them in a group of 3, there is simply never a need to take a fex. Not anymore at any rate.

    Anyway the list. First of all the tyrant isnt going to get any use out of OA. He's too fragile to last and the guants are too slow to keep up. Give him 2 sets of TL devourers and tyrant guardand your all set. You could go with armoured shell, but that really depends on the amount of power weaponry in the list. Considering he takes AG hormaguants (a very very poor choice) it could come in handy.

    The prime is fine

    I dont see the need for so many hive guard. Their main use here is going to be ID'ing any warrior sized units, but unless he spams loads of them 1 brood should do just fine.

    The warriors could do with upgrading, give them rending and deathspitters. A barbed strangler will also kill off guants. You could lose a warrior or two to find the points.

    The termaguants are too small to do anything what so ever. You want to combine them into one huge unit of 30.

    The devourer guants have the same problem. Either axe them or upgrade them, 10 is just plain useless.

    If he's spamming Ag hormaguants then you taking toxin sacked ones isnt going to do a lot. Lose these and make the devourer brood bigger.

    The biovores are fine, but the fex.... eh.

    Honestly Id lose him. Grab yourself the doom of malanthi or some venomthropes, preferably both. Doom will cause utter havoc on the LD 6 hormaguants (Ouch!) and the venomthropes will not only protect your shooty army from any fire he has, but he'll lose things on the way in too. If you are insistant on keeping the thing, then lose the pod and slog him. Also take a stranglethorn for horde killing.

    Sit back and shoot is the name of the game. Use biovore and dev guant fire to whittle down big broods of hormaguants, and strike doom in for the killer blow. Hive guard should target anything thats warrior sized, whilst your warriors go and counter the heavy stuff.
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