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    1000pt list Returning player

    I haven't played 40k for quite a while, but recently had a game with a friend which was awesome so decided to start up a new army. If you could let me know what you guys think with suggested improvements that would be great. The list is hopefully a good one but will be used for fun games.

    Farseer 120
    (Doom, Guide, Spirit Stone)


    Pathfinders x5 = 120
    Dire Avengers x 10 = 152
    (Exarch and Bladestorm)
    Dedicated transport wave serpent (spirit stone, cannon) = 110


    Fire Dragoons x6 = 116
    (Exarch and Fire Pike)
    Dedicated transport wave serpent (spirit stone, bright lance) = 155

    Heavy Support

    Fire Prism = 115
    Fire Prism = 115

    Total = 998

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    First off, welcome to the forums.

    Your HQ is obviously solid, you can't ever go wrong with Farseers and I presume you're intending to run them with the Dire Avengers to make them doubly effective which is very solid. If you weren't going to do that, you should. Your Troops seem fine, though I'm not a huge fan of Pathfinders so you might want to look into alternatives (just not Guardians). Your Dire Avengers are set up the right way assuming that you've got double catapults on the Exarch. You don't need spirit stones on your Wave Serpent and the weapon should be either Eldar Missile Launchers or Scatter Lasers depending how the rest of your list looks. I'm not sure you really need the Fire Dragons in a 1000 point game, I would actually take them out and maybe also the Pathfinders so you can add in another identical unit of Dire Avengers with the Wave Serpent, have EMLs on the Serpents and then your anti-tank is taken care of between the Prisms and the Serpents (incidentally, brightlances are not worth the extra 10 points and 12" less range for the lance ability and extra AP, the versatility, cost and range on EMLs are much better all-round). Then you could add in another Farseer to go with the other unit of Avengers and have a nice symmetrical list. Nothing really to say about the Prisms, I can't stress enough how excellent and versatile they are, if you can find the points for Holofields then great but it doesn't matter too much.

    Hope that helped.

    ~ Acarna

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