So I have an apoc game this weekend. 3000 points per player. 10-12 players. 1 superheavy or more if the total points cost is less then 1000.

I'm thinking about taking the splinter raid with three raiders and 9 jetbikes. Every 3 jetbikes will be it's own squad. Each raider will have a trueborn blaster squad. I'll drop it near an enemy Titan, inside of voidshield range and alpha strike it into oblivion with 18 lances.

I am definitely taking ravager Titan-hunters. 5 ravagers? Yes please. I may bring the duke and deep strike the whole thing.

My revenant titan is coming and my razorwing. That about covers 3k

I'll leave troops to the marine players with at least power armor. Seeing as DE have some of the least survivable troops in the game. I figure I can easily account for 2 enemy titans, and that is a role I'm willing to play.