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    1750 DE list, need feedback!

    Hello everyone I have been reading on forums and checking out lists and this is what I came up with:
    (I am new on DE but well experienced with Tau/Nids).


    Archon Blaster, VB (Trueborn). 80 pts

    Haemi LG, VB (Wracks). 65 pts

    Haemi LG, VB (Wracks). 65 pts


    4 Trueborn 4x Blasters, Venom w/ extra SC. 173 pts


    9 Wracks LG, Raider, FF 170 pts

    9 Wracks LG, Raider, FF 170 pts

    10 Wyches Raider, FF 170 pts

    10 Wyches Raider, FF 170 pts


    5 Scourges 2 Haywire Blasters 130

    5 Scourges 2 Haywire Blasters 130


    Razorwing FF 155 pts

    Razorwing FF 155 pts

    Ravager 3 DL/DC FF 115

    1748 Points
    59 Models
    9 Lances (4 TL)
    5 Blasters
    4 Haywire Blaster
    4 Liquifire guns
    8 Vechicles

    Haemi with the wracks providing one more token to make them even more nasty.
    Archon well, joins the kabal and will be the moving gun-battery.
    Wyches well I dont know, I like the model and their initiative so might be good support for wracks.
    Scourges will mainly focus on heavy tanks if any.
    Razorwings focus tanks and big units with missiles.
    Ravager I havent really decided if I am to use dark lances or disintegrator cannon, what do you guys think? Do i need the DC for mechs or do I need more anti tank?

    I have my thoughts of maybe not using the archon, and add one more wrack for additional LG´s and then the haemi with wyches, maybe use the last points for haywire grenades or some fancy weapon?

    Feed back please!

    / Jim

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    Drop the wyches to a unit of 9 and place your 2 haemies with them. FNP Wyches are the best bang for your buck in the codex and The Haemi should never go into close combat.
    Drop the Wracks to 5 if you want only 1 liquifier gun.
    Drop the Archon, he doesn't make sense in this list or the unit you put him with.
    Add a Baron since you have fast attack choices. His rules will serve the scourges well and the +1 to go first will aid your Razorwing bombardment.

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